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Let’s know ‘VeeAlwaysHere New EP’ VeeAlwaysHere does it everything when it comes to music. Along with singing, the musician also creates, produces, and records his own music.

The singer-songwriter debuted a song titled “other side” in August. On September 30, he released his EP ego: Playlist I. Showbiz Cheat Sheet had an email chat with VeeAlwaysHere before the artist released ego: Playlist I to discuss the album.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

A promotional photo of VeeAlwaysHere sitting in a heart-shaped ball pit
VeeAlwaysHere | Gramophone Media

Questions On knowing  VeeAlwaysHere

What first motivated you to pursue music as a career? Despite not coming from a musical household, music has always played a significant role in my life since I was a little child. When I was little, I used to constantly write goofy little tunes, and as I got older, they simply sort of evolved into genuine music.

I breathe and live music. No matter what I’m doing—driving, taking a shower, or occasionally even sleeping—I’m always writing tunes. To make it come to life and let it out is therapeutic.

You are in charge of your music’s songwriting, production, and recording. Do you have a favorite step in the song-making process?

Sincerily, the beginning is my favorite portion. My music is sort of reverse-engineered. Every song I write starts off for me with an emotion or feeling in mind. What do I want listeners to feel when they hear this is a question I always ask myself. I then follow this as a roadmap at every turn.

What is the hardest part of managing every step of songmaking by yourself?

Learning to rely on oneself and being at ease with creating music that I enjoy, despite the artists’ natural urge to make it sound a specific way to please the general audience or “the industry,” may be the toughest struggle. I enjoy collaborating and working with others, but it’s a little bit simpler when you can bounce ideas off your co-writer or co-producer. The hardest aspect is definitely learning to make all of your own decisions and processes, but once you do, it just makes you a better collaborator.

Questions On The Singer Song ‘Other Side’

Can you describe the process of making “the other side” for us?

After I had the emotion I intended to elicit in listeners with this song, I immediately began production. I kind of passed asleep, and when I awoke, I was sitting on a cool retro pop song. In just three takes, I was able to simply produce the melodies and words. This song’s creation was both odd and gratifying. It felt completely different in every way.

You said that folks on the “other side” are hopeless romantics. Do you also think of yourself as a hopeless romantic?

Oh, yeah! That most certainly is me! I really believe in fate, soul mates, and love. I firmly think that love always wins in the end. In general, I’m a great lover of love. What do you want viewers to remember about “the other side”? I want the song’s story to inspire hope in those who can relate to it. This song may also be seen as a tale of a long-distance romance, which… we’ve all been there. I wanted to offer people hope and simply general good feelings since it can be so difficult.

Questions On VeeAlwaysHere Released A New EP

Your own EP is about to be released. What do you want ego: playlist I to highlight?

The main point of this endeavor was to include a ton of “uncomfortable music.” I refer to tracks that I wouldn’t often create or release as “uncomfortable.” Each song was difficult for me since I had decided to venture outside of my musical comfort zone and abandon all of my routines and traditions.

I experimented with many genres and sounds outside of my typical sound to see how I might incorporate them into my music without compromising my musical integrity, and I believe I did a very good job because I adore every song on the album.

There are several collaborations on this album. What are your methods for working with other musicians, and why did you choose to work with Kimono Pat, jujuland, and ian360 on this album?

I adore working together! Hearing other artists bring their styles and lifestyles into my world makes me so pleased. It’s always so much fun to have folks over and have them offer something to a song of mine since every song is my universe, which I construct from top to bottom.

And as for the reason that I selected these musicians in particular… You’ll have to listen to find out, I suppose. Everything made complete sense.

Which song on ego: playlist I was the hardest to create?

No. 3 is unquestionably “now now (feat. jujuland).” Going to my origins and singing in Korean for the first time in my life felt so dangerous and terrifying. Although jujuland was quite helpful and supportive of my concept, which I much appreciate, it was still extremely intimidating for me to carry through.

Have you chosen a favorite track from the EP?

I adore them all, but “now now (ft. jujuland)” is my favorite. This song was the most unpleasant of all the “uncomfortable” ones on the album. In spite of the fact that I only recently began studying Korean and am not at all proficient in it, the fact that I still chose to create a song like this makes me quite proud of it!

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