Dierks Bentley's Wife

Let’s know ‘Dierks Bentley’s Wife’ Everybody adores a star pair that is cooperative. Dierks Bentley, a country artist, wed Cassidy Black in 2005, and the two are parents to three kids. Here is a chronology of the couple’s whole relationship, from their initial encounter to the present.

Dierks Bentley's Wife
Dierks Bentley and Cassidy Black | Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images

How Dierks Bentley And Cassidy Black Met

Unbelievably, Bentley and Black really dated during their middle school years. When they first met in eighth school, Bentley admitted to like Black in a 2007 interview with People Magazine.

Bentley admitted, “I had a crush on her the whole time, but I wasn’t cool enough. I was far too young and was into drinking alcohol, using firearms, and setting stuff on fire.

In high school, they subsequently began dating. Bentley relocated to Nashville at the age of 19 to pursue a career in music. Black, meanwhile, relocated to California for employment. This resulted in the two of them having an erratic long-distance relationship, according to Bentley, who spoke to People Magazine.

According to Bentley, “I used to send her all these insane love letters that I’d FedEx off to her.” “I married her because of it! I was concerned the letters might be used to blackmail me.

Black said, “I did preserve them and thought I could always sell them on eBay!” in the People Magazine interview.

Dierks Bentley’s Wife They Both Ended Up Eloping In 2005

In Mexico in 2005, Bentley and Black were married. The couple eloped the day after Bentley proposed to Black, and the wedding event transpired extremely swiftly.

Bentley said to People Magazine that he had a friend choose a wedding gown for Black so that it would be as big of a surprise as possible.

The country music star admitted, “I was anxious. You shouldn’t choose a woman’s wedding outfit, she said.

Black described the “secret” wedding ceremony to People Magazine, stating, “I was speechless—I had just been engaged the night before. Our ceremony was lovely, intimate, and authentic, and it took place in a small chapel in Mexico.

Dierks Bentley’s Wife Helps Dierks With His Music

Bentley has maintained the importance of his wife and family throughout his professional life. The title of his 2016 album, Black, is a play on his wife’s maiden name.

Bentley said that Black came up with the name for his 2018 album The Mountain in an interview with People Magazine published in 2018.

Dierks Bentley's Wife

She stated, “The name of your record is going to be The Mountain,” while we were in Wyoming, he recalled. They are very much a part of the process, so absolutely.

The country artist revealed that “whenever it’s feasible,” he tours with his wife and three children.

“They like exploring and traveling. We simply pull them out there whenever it’s feasible, Bentley told People Magazine. “I feel that being a dad is actually my major job,”

When not on the road, Bentley lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his family.

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