John Wayne Football At USC
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Let’s know about ‘John Wayne Football At USC’ The youthful football obsession of actor John Wayne led to his success as a Hollywood movie star. There are various explanations for why he left his possible road to being very successful in the athletics world, though.

Wayne apparently agreed to the tale that he sustained an injury that prevented him from playing football because it would appeal to his supporters.

John Wayne Played Football For USC

Along with participating in a number of other extracurricular activities, Wayne began playing football for his high school team. He participated in the debate team, served as the Latin Society’s president, and wrote a sports column for the school newspaper. Wayne received an honorable scholarship to the University of Southern California (USC), but allegedly things started to go south.

John Wayne Football At USC

John Wayne’s desire to play professional football, according to Michael Munn’s John Wayne: The Man Behind the Myth, came to a stop when he sustained a shoulder injury. He was forced to leave school after losing his scholarship as a consequence. But some of the people around him didn’t fully buy that narrative.

John Wayne Allegedly Went Along With The Football Injury Story

Woody Strode, an actor who portrayed Pompey in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and played for the Los Angeles Rams before switching careers, was interviewed by Munn. Wayne wasn’t, in his opinion, the football superstar that others had portrayed him to be.

Wayne was never a particularly good football player, yet he managed to make it into the USC hall of fame, according to Strode. You’ll probably do it by being the biggest movie star in the world, I suppose.

Wayne’s coach first assigned him the position of guard, which needed the Duke to move quickly, which he wasn’t. Strode acknowledged that the injury may occur, but said that it was unlikely—almost inconceivable—that a good coach would bench a prospective all-American due to a single ailment. Duke was just insufficient to remain on the team.

While working with Wayne at the time, Western director George Sherman didn’t notice any indications of a “weakened” shoulder. He did see the actor’s other problems, though.

Sherman remarked that by 1939, “he was already losing his agility.” “For starters, he had back ache. In my opinion, if Duke said he damaged his shoulder, it was accurate, but I don’t think that’s why the college football team cut him.

Sherman concluded: “He was never going to be a good football player. He could never run very fast, and if you look at images of Wayne before he made The Big Trail [in 1930], you can see that he was tall but not well built. However, it appeared positive to the audience in those early days to claim that he was, and Duke was never going to refute that.

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He Went Into USC’s Hall Of Fame And Became One Of The Biggest Movie Stars

After his playing days were gone, Wayne went on to have a prosperous Hollywood career. After all, he rose to prominence as one of Hollywood’s greatest actors. He received a lot of flak for not being a “professional actor” and acting like himself. Nevertheless, his main role in Sands of Iwo Jima won him his first Oscar nomination. Wayne later accepted the Oscar for the film True Grit from 1970. Some of his supporters, however, were disappointed that he was not nominated for his final performance in The Shootist.

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