A MAJOR reason for slow internet has NOTHING to do with your broadband provider – and it’s free to fix.

If slow buffering times are ruining your movie nights, or just one bar of Wi-Fi connection is reaching upstairs – these tips are for you.

A blocked signal is one of the worst culprits for unreliable Wi-Fi connections


A blocked signal is one of the worst culprits for unreliable Wi-Fi connections

Tech experts at industry giant HP, revealed one of the main reasons your internet connection slows down – and how to boost signal to every room of the house.

It can be caused by anything from your router sitting too far away, and blocked signal, to dated hardware.

A blocked signal is one of the worst culprits for unreliable Wi-Fi connections.

The internet gurus suggested placing your router in an open area within the house.

Despite many people wanting to keep theirs hidden away due to messy wires and unaesthetic accessories – a clear space will help the signal travel better.

It is unwise to leave your Wi-Fi router in surprisingly common places such as a corner, behind furniture or in a cupboard under the stairs.

“Where possible, it’s best to locate your router in a location where the signal can transmit a signal without hindrance,” added the experts.

Meanwhile certain objects can be particularly good at disrupting signal such as other electronic devices.

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It is best to move your router away from those that can connect via Bluetooth such as speakers, according to tech whizzes.

Nearby objects to avoid can include baby monitors, cordless phones and cameras.

And, while it may sound simple, a slower connection can be easily improved by moving the router closer to where you’re accessing the internet.

Dated routers can also wreak havoc with the Wi-Fi.

The experts at HP explained: “The internet has been around for some time, so there is some old hardware around.

“You might need to buy a new router, while updating the firmware may also help.”

This comes as other hacks to improve your Wi-Fi experience have been revealed.

Performance can also be optimised through powerline adaptors.

They use the electric wiring in a home to carry broadband signal to each room of the house.

Plus, make sure you stop running devices you aren’t using as this can slow connections down.

It is also important to consider how much bandwidth your router comes with and if you can make use of booster devices.

In addition, five of the weirdest places to put your Wi-Fi router that will make your internet speed worse have been shared.

And, three objects you should never leave near your router have also been revealed.

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Plus, find out the best positions to leave a router – and there are two exceptions that you can’t ignore.

Meanwhile, people are just realising which rooms a Wi-Fi router should never be placed in.

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