MILLIONS of grandparents are set to benefit from a bumper pay rise next year.

The state pension rises every year in order to keep up with the cost of things like food and household bills.

Millions of grandparents are in line for a pay rise next year


Millions of grandparents are in line for a pay rise next yearCredit: Getty – Contributor

It has now been confirmed that payments will increase by 8.5% in April 2024.

That’s because the triple lock system sees the state pension rise in line with whatever is highest out of: wages for May to July, 2.5% or September’s inflation figures.

Growth in employees’ average total pay was 8.5% in the three months to July, while the UK’s rate of inflation remained at 6.7% in September.

It means pensioners on the new state pension will be looking at as much as £901 a year.


This is up from just over £10,600 to £11,501 a year.

And a weekly rise from £203.85 to £221.20 – a £17.35 increase.

It’s important to note though that this is for those entitled to a “full” new state pension.

How much individuals get is based on the number of qualifying years they’ve accrued.

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Older pensioners who retired before April 2016 will get a weekly rise from £156.20 to £169.48, and an annual rise from £8,122.40 to £8,812.96.

Other elements of the old state pension system, mainly “additional” state pensions such as SERPS, will rise in line with the increase in CPI inflation for September which was 6.7%.

Retirees on pension credit and attendance allowance and will also be getting a top-up.

But the increases are different for each one, here we explain each.

Pension Credit

Retirees on a low income can get it topped up via Pension credit.

It is also set to rise in line with July’s wages data at 8.5%.

Pension Credit will rise from £201.05 to £218.15 or for couples, from £306.85 to £332.95.

If your income is lower than this, you should be eligible for the benefit.

You could get the “Savings Credit” part of Pension Credit if both of the following apply:

  • you reached state pension age before 6 April 2016
  • you saved some money for retirement, for example, a personal or workplace pension

This part of Pension Credit will rise from £15.94 a week to £17.29 or for couples, from £17.84 to £19.39.

There are also top-up amounts, for instance, if you’re caring for someone else or are disabled.

You can find out more about Pension Credit including how to apply in our guide.

Attendance allowance

Attendance allowance is paid to people who’ve reached state pension age and need help looking after themselves because of a physical or mental disability.

To get the benefit, you must have been in Britain for at least two of the last three years, unless you’re a refugee or have humanitarian protection status.

If you live in a care home and pay for all the costs yourself, you’ll be able to claim attendance allowance.

It’s paid at two different rates and how much you get depends on the level of care that you need because of your disability.

The lower rate is worth £68.10 a week.

From next April, payments will rise from £68.10 to £72.66 a week – a rise of £4.56.

The higher rate is worth £101.75 weekly, which will rise to £108.56.

To apply, you’ll need to download the attendance allowance form on the GOV.UK website and then send it by post.

It should be sent to the address: Attendance Allowance Unit, Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton WV98 2AD.

If you’re unable to print the form yourself, you can call the attendance allowance helpline on 0800 731 0122 and ask for a copy to be sent to you.

It’s worth applying, especially as you may get extra pension credit and housing benefit or a council tax reduction if you receive attendance allowance.

The application form is very long and asks for a lot of personal information.

If you think you’ll need help filling in the form, you should get a friend, relative or adviser to help you complete it if possible.

Entitledto has a full list of organisations that can help with claiming disability benefits on its website.

How much state pension will I actually get?

The amount of new state pension you receive depends on your National Insurance (NI) record throughout your adult life. 

If you have made at least 35 years of qualifying NI contributions, you may qualify for the maximum amount, outlined above. 

The same is true if you have received equivalent credits on your NI record for raising children or providing care. 

If you don’t have 35 years, you may be able to top up your record by paying in voluntary NI contributions. 

To get the full basic state pension you will need 30 years of NI contributions or credits. 

To get any state pension at all, you will need at least 10 years on your NI record. 

What age do I get the state pension?

In response to rising life expectancy, the age at which you become eligible to receive the state pension has been going up.

The age is now 66 for both men and women and is set to reach 68 by 2039.

How do I claim the state pension?

You won’t automatically get the state pension – you need to claim it once you’re eligible.

You should receive a letter no later than two months before you reach state pension age, explaining what to do.

You can find out more on the GOV.UK website

You can choose to defer getting the state pension – you don’t have to take it as soon as you are eligible when you reach state pension age.

Leaving your state pension untouched can boost the amount you eventually get.

If you opt to defer your state pension, your entitlement increases by the equivalent of 1% for every five weeks you do so.

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As the state system can be tricky to navigate, a key part of any pension planning involves requesting a state pension forecast.

This will help you get your head around how much you could be eligible to receive, and from what age. 

You can also join our new Sun Money Facebook group to share stories and tips and engage with the consumer team and other group members.

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