BILLS are on the rise and leaving many households struggling to get by especially those already on low incomes.

Anyone claiming Universal Credit and other benefits could get extra support on top of their benefit payments.

Extra cash from the council could help you pay for food and bills


Extra cash from the council could help you pay for food and billsCredit: Getty

Local councils have welfare support funds that are given out to help people pay for food, energy and other essentials all year round.

Your local council may call it emergency support or welfare provision, but most have a pot of cash set aside to dish out to those in need.

For instance residents of Manchester getting Universal credit and other benefits like jobseekers allowance and pension credit can get between £30 and £60.

It’s a cash grant, so you won’t have to pay it back but you can only get it once within 12 months.

There are also some other requirements, for example you won’t get the cash if you have any savings.

Meanwhile in Ealing the council is giving out the help to those on Universal Credit and other benefits and are struggling to get by.

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Again there are other criteria you need to fill to get the help and it can help cove the cost of food, essential clothing, fuel and travel expenses.

Each council has different amounts to dish out, and criteria for getting it and the cash is usually given out on a case-by-case according to each persons needs.

The help available through the welfare assistance scheme isn’t reserved just for those or Universal Credit either.

As the help available varies so does the eligibility criteria.

For instance in East Riding of Yorkshire you can apply if you can show you can’t make ends meet, can’t afford basic households items or have has an interruption to your regular income.

That’s worth up to £1,000 and can help cover the cost of food, energy, bills and rent, though the exact amount will depend on your circumstances.

You can find out who your local council is by visiting the website and ask them what help is available in your area.

You’ll need to apply through the council too.

If you’re not eligible for this specific help there may be other help available.

For instance there is also cash available through the Household Support Fund untiled the end of March.

You could help like a council tax discount, cheaper internet or extra payments during the coldest weather – check out the full help you can get in out guide.

Here’s other ways you could get free cash on Universal Credit that you don’t have to pay back.

If you’re worried about falling behind on bills. there are plenty of organisations where you can get advice for free, including:

Martin Lewis explains how to get free internet if you’re on Universal Credit

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