Let’s find out ‘How Old Is Tik Tok Star Keeley Colbran?’ Famous TikToker Keely Colbran is known for her humorous and dance videos on the platform for sharing videos.

She is also well-known since her father, Simple Simon, is well-known and active on social media. Due to a disagreement with Cal the Dragon during a TikTok live stream, he became well-known on social media. In addition to coaching football, Simple Simon is a viral sensation on social media.

How Old Is Tik Tok Star Keeley Colbran?

Keeley Colbran is a famous TikTok star ( Source : co )

The father and daughter dynamic combo usually post videos together on TikTok. She developed an interest in football as well because she is the football coach’s daughter. She describes herself as a “Freestyle Dancer and Footballer” on TikTok.

Quick Facts About Keeley Colbran

Name Keeley Colbran
Birthdate 4 April, 2003
Age 19 years
Birthplace England
Nationality English
Profession TikToker
Father Simple Simon
Net Worth $100,000

How Old Is Tik Tok Star Keeley Colbran?

As of 2022, popular TikTok star Keeley Colbran will be 19 years old.

In the UK, she was born on April 4, 2003. She is doing her undergraduate degree at Loughborough University at the moment. Keeley hasn’t mentioned her area of study or rank at the university. She might be an early bird because she’s only 19 years old.

How Old Is Tik Tok Star Keeley Colbran?
Keeley was born on 4 April, 2003 and is 19 years old as of 2022 ( Source : theboringmagazine )

She rose to fame as a well-known TikTok star and regularly uploads new videos to her @keeley.dancex account. And she has almost 84.6k followers on Instagram, where she is actively active.

She uploads several images there that show off her personal and professional lives. She has a sizable fan base that consistently supports her and her material at the early age of just 19.

Keeley hasn’t talked much about her upbringing. There is nothing known about her high school years other than what she studied in college. Although she is well-known, little is known about her early years.

Is Astrid Wett Keeley Colbran’s Stepmum?

Keeley Colbran’s stepmother is not Astrid Wett.

Her former friend Astrid said that if Keeley’s father had his way, she would have been Keeley’s stepmother. She is a well-known model and TikToker on social media. Age 22 is what she is.

How Old Is Tik Tok Star Keeley Colbran?
Keeley and Astrid got into a heated argument during the press conference before their offical match card ( Source : thesun )

She rose to fame on TikTok by uploading explicit videos to her @astridwett69 page. Although, she routinely uploads photos to her social media accounts while watching a game at the stadium because she is a passionate fan of the English football team Chelsea F.C.

She and Keeley competed in a boxing match in Sheffield on the Misfits boxing card, and she made crude remarks about Keeley’s father during the press conference. So, she claimed that in the past, he approached her and labeled him a “creep.” She claimed that at one point, he wanted her to serve as Keeley’s stepmother. Keeley was angered by this, and before their battle, they got into a heated confrontation.

Although Astrid prevailed in the match, the public and the fans were more interested in her remarks at the press conference. The news conference, where she suggested she might have been her opponent’s stepmother, is one of the most talked-about issues online.

Keeley Colbran, a well-known TikTok performer, reportedly has a net worth of $100,000.

She became wealthy as a result of her success on TikTok and on social media. Her videos have received over 7.4 million likes and she has over 416k followers on TikTok. Even greater than likes is the number of views.

Keeley Colbran has a net worth of $100,000 ( Source : olasmediatv )

Her TikTok job must have brought in a sizable sum of money for her. She started using the video-sharing service on December 6 and has since gained popularity all across the world. Keeley is a dancing TikToker who shares amusing and dance-related videos.

She most recently engaged in combat with Astrid Wett and garnered a lot of media attention. To support her fortune, she must have received a respectable sum of money from that match. She still has a long career ahead of her and is young. Thus, in the years to come, her net worth will undoubtedly increase even more.

Who Is Keeley Colbran’s Father?

Simple Simon, a well-known TikTok phenomenon, is Keeley Colbran’s father.

Simon has 445.4 thousand TikTok followers and 13.5 million Likes on his page. It becomes sense to assume that Simon is to blame for his daughter’s success on the app given the extent of the interactions compared to Keeley’s.

Keeley was the one who originally downloaded the app and found success. Later, she persuaded her father to create an account on TikTok. She shares some of the blame for her father’s fame on social media.

Simple Simon is the father of Keeley Colbran
Simple Simon is the father of Keeley Colbran ( Source : thesun )

On each of their own TikTok accounts, she and her father can be seen working together. Additionally, she has shared a number of photos with her father on Instagram. Both their personal and professional lives seem to be enjoyable for the two people.

She hasn’t discussed her mum all that much. As a result, none of her fans are aware of her identity. Neither she nor her father have made any mention of her mother on social media.

Keeley Colbran also doesn’t seem to have any, as she hasn’t posted any photographs of her siblings on social media. The main source of knowledge about her private life as a social media star is her posts on social media. She probably doesn’t have any siblings because she hasn’t yet written anything about them.

Who Is Keeley Colbran’s Boyfriend?

On September 20, 2022, Keeley Colbran posted a video of her and her lover on TikTok, revealing him as her boyfriend.

How Old Is Tik Tok Star Keeley Colbran?
Keeley Colbran is well-known for her dance and humorous videos on TikTok ( Source : thesun )

Although she did not formally introduce him as his boyfriend, the couple participated in a video taste challenge where they tried several desserts. He was blindfolded and given some unidentified chocolates in the video. She played a joke on him by giving him a dog treat on the video.

Even though it’s been a while since she first introduced him to her fans, he hasn’t recently appeared in any of her videos. As a result, it is unclear to her supporters whether he is a lover.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Tik Tok Star Keeley Colbran?

Keeley Colbran is 19 years old.

What is Keeley Colbran’s nationality?

Keeley Colbran’s nationality is English.

Who is the father of Keeley Colbran?

A famous TikTok star Simple Simon is the fathe of Keeley Colbran.

When was Keeley Colbran born?

Keeley Colbran was born on 4 April, 2003.

How much money does Keeley Colbran has?

Keeley Colbran’s net worth is expected to be $100,000.


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