Doja Cat And Hairball Puking Cat

Let’s know about ‘Doja Cat And Hairball Puking Cat’ Only a few years have passed since Doja Cat’s debut studio album was made available. However, the singer/rapper has emerged as one of the most talked-about musicians in recent memory. Her claimed net worth is a comfortable $4 million.

Doja Cat is just as fixated with her cats as any other pet owner is, despite her notoriety and wealth.

The Singer Put Cats At The Center Of Her Hit Single ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’

Doja Cat And Hairball Puking Cat
Doja Cat | Getty Images for Shein

Doja Cat goes above and above in her music video for the track “Get Into It (Yuh)” by placing her beloved animal in the heart of the action. Doja Cat stars in the Mike Diva-directed video as a space commander sent on a mission to save her alien-captured cat. And just as fans may anticipate, the ensuing music video, which was released in January 2022, is crazy.

The top position for “Get Into It (Yuh)” on the charts was twenty. But it’s not Doja’s first popular song to receive a lot of praise. In reality, the Grammy winner’s album Planet Her has already produced a number of successes. Her third studio album, the collection, has already produced songs including “Kiss Me More,” “You Right,” “Need to Know,” and “Woman.”

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Doja Cat Has A Complicated Relationship With Her Pet Cats

Doja Cat apparently enjoys her beloved cats, Alex and Raymus, on social media (aka Ray). She noted on Instagram that these cats typically puke about the home and appear uncomfortable. However, Doja’s connection to her dogs is sincere. She announced on Twitter that she acquired Ray, a black and white Oriental shorthair, in March 2021. In her Instagram Story, she also made fun of his “f*cked-up meow.”

Doja has uploaded videos of Alex singing along with the vocal cat. She also “forced” the amused-seeming cat to watch her twerk on TikTok in jest. It’s obvious that the rapper enjoys spending time with her kitties and fans at the same time. Her social media updates only serve to confirm why she chose her stage name.

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How Did Doja Cat Come Up With Her Feline Stage Name?

Inventive artists often adopt catchy stage names to help propel them to fame. In the case of Doja Cat — whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini — her stage name is derived from her two favorite things. “Doja” comes from her affinity for cannabis, particularly the doja strain she once favored.

Though Doja Cat said she no longer partakes in cannabis, she admits she was once an enthusiast. But her love of cats — from which she gets the second part of her stage name — persists. As her social media followers can attest, Doja continues to earn her place in the world as an honorary “Cat.”

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