Amanda Seyfried Weight On Set

Let’s know about ‘Amanda Seyfried Weight On Set’ Amanda Seyfried is not one of the many actresses that will alter their physical appearance for a role. The actress once discussed why she opposed changing her weight for roles in public.

Amanda Seyfried Once Shared She Almost Lost Roles Because She Was Considered ‘Overweight’

Amanda Seyfried Weight On Set
Amanda Seyfried | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

An actor’s talent may not always be sufficient to secure them a part. It’s common knowledge that a performer occasionally needs a particular body type or aesthetic to obtain a role.

Actor Seyfried from Mean Girls has encountered this type of beauty standard in Hollywood. She said in a 2014 tweet that her physical appearance had previously prevented her from getting some acting roles.

“Fun fact: Due to my weight, I nearly missed out on multiple professional opportunities. Right, America,” she penned.

Seyfried has previously discussed how significant a person’s physical appearance may be while seeking a Hollywood profession. Seyfried spoke about how hard she works to preserve her figure in an interview with Glamour from 2010 (via Yahoo).

There is no way I would be as skinny if I didn’t run and exercise, she said. But as an actress, I have to maintain my fitness. It’s twisted and f***** up, but otherwise I wouldn’t get the parts. I don’t believe they would have chosen me for Mamma Mia if I were a little bit bigger!

Amanda Seyfried Weight On Set, She Shared She Refused To Change Her Weight For Movies

Some movie roles call for performers to change their weight or body. However, Seyfried wasn’t much in favor of altering her appearance for movies. The Les Miserables actress thought that dedicating yourself to such a degree might have real-life health effects that she wished to avoid.

That’s really bad for you. I would not want to gain or lose any weight. That would throw my body out of whack, therefore I don’t want to do that to it. She once advised taking care of your physique in an interview with France’s Grazia (reported by Contact Music).

Seyfried reminded her that she had already worked hard to maintain her fitness. But she had to follow her exercise routine in order to keep her shape.

“I sometimes eat poorly, just like everyone else; I adore cheese and candy. I don’t have to work hard to maintain my weight, but because I’m so short, you can tell. Fortunately, I swiftly shed the pounds since I exercise frequently—I run and stroll, always with my dog at my side. With children, I’m sure it would be even simpler,” she asserted.

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Amanda Seyfried Had Moments When She Didn’t Feel Good About Her Body When Watching Herself In Films

Occasionally, the star of The Dropout didn’t like how her physique looked on the big screen.

“I always think, ‘It doesn’t look good, I’m not going to do that for the next movie,’ when I watch a moment in a movie when my belly protrudes. In an interview with Self, she famously remarked, “And then I never get there for the following movie; I still have a chubby tummy.

But the celebrity believed that accepting her physical defects rather than aiming for perfection made more sense.

“The reality is, I look back and has my body every been that drastically different? No! So what are the chances of my having a six-pack for the next movie? Slim to non,” she continued. “So why live and breathe exercise when I know I’m just going to eat crap? Moderation is key. You can change your body to an extent, but if it’s taking all the time out of your day and taking up all your thoughts, what’s the point?”

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