ANYONE looking to boost their income might want to check out temporary jobs over the summer months.  

An analysis of over 15,000 jobs by website Adzuna has identified which roles will pay the most.

Beach cleaners can earn good money, but you'll have to brave all sorts of weather


Beach cleaners can earn good money, but you’ll have to brave all sorts of weather

The jobs range from fruit pickers to summer camp teachers and beach cleaners.

The most lucrative can pay up to £18.70 per hour according to the research, and you won’t need a degree or experience. 

That means you could earn £748, if you did a 40 hour week.

This top paid job was for beach cleaners in Brighton and Hove – but you’ll have to be ready to brave any hot weather, or unexpected summer rain.

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There are lots of other summer jobs that can be well paid. You can use Adzuna to search for the roles.

“Employers up and down the UK have been struggling to fill open positions and summer represents an opportunity to get ahead and plug employment gaps with temporary workers,” said Paul Lewis, chief customer officer at job Adzuna. 

Over 4,000 of the advertised vacancies are in London, with the next best spot for summer work being South East England, where there are 2,410 vacancies. 

Hospitality and catering have the most summer openings with 2,500 temporary roles available, followed by teaching (2,400), IT (1,400) and sales (1,100). 

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But there are other roles that will see you get outside into the sunshine

Here’s a full list of the best 11 summer jobs on offer.

Beach cleaners

Working at the beach might seem like a dream for some – especially if its sunny weather.

Pay rates range from £9.50 an hour, up to £18.70 per hour in some locations including Brighton and Hove.

But remember, applicants must be willing to work in all weather and be happy with being on their feet all day.

Ice cream operative

You could get a summer job as an ice cream assistant, with pay rates starting at £9.50 per hour.

That rises up to as much as £14 per hour for ice cream chef roles at London’s Gelupo. Perks might include free ice cream if you are lucky!


Over 1,200 lifeguard vacancies are currency being advertised across the UK, according to Adzuna.

These could be at pools, beaches or leisure centres.

The RNLI is hiring up and down the country, with pay rates ranging from £9.90 to £11.86 per hour depending on the qualifications and experience, and training available on the job.

Festival hand

While Glastonbury is behind us, many festivals keep going through late summer and into autumn.

There are currently 3,591 festival-based jobs currently up for grabs, including vacancies for litter pickers, bar staff, and cup collectors.

Pay rates range from £11 – £14 per hour and no experience is often not necessary.

Theme park attendant

Parks including Alton Towers are hiring now and perks of the job include free entry to affiliated attractions for family and friends – in itself worth up to £1,000.

A total of 2,775 theme-park based roles are being advertised now. Pay rates start at £9.50 per hour, with higher pay on offer for roles like chefs.

Summer camp

Summer camps for kids may not be as popular in the UK as in the US, but there are still hundreds of opportunities to be had as parents look to keep their kids entertained throughout the summer holidays.

Pay rates start at £9 per hour, while those with teaching experience can make upwards of £400 per week.

Swimming instructor

Qualified swim coaches can earn up to £30 per hour, making this a top earning summer job – but you’ll have to be trained up first.

Fruit picking

British farms offer harvesting work throughout summer, picking strawberries, raspberries, cherries and other fruits.

Pay rates typically start at £9.50 per hour and applicants should be prepared for early starts as well as physical labour which could be hard on your body.

Summer internship

There are hundreds of vacancies for summer internships, on offer across all sectors, including Hilton which is advertising for food and beverage interns for the summer.

Commonwealth Games staff

2022’s Commonwealth Games is coming to Birmingham and there is a need for people to pick up shifts this summer.

Event staff will be tasked with answering queries from the general public, directing people to and from the games at nearby train stations, and ensuring spectator safety.

Pay ranges from £14 – £16 per hour, making this a lucrative opportunity for sporting fans.

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Vineyard worker

Gusbourne Vineyard is looking for grape pickers for their Kent and Sussex vineyards ready for the September harvest, with pay rates of £11 per hour.

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