YOUTUBE is launching a PG version of its service so adult’s can take more control of what older children watch.

The new ‘Supervised’ mode should appear in the account options section later this year in over 80 countries.

YouTube wants to give teens the chance to view more than just YouTube Kids


YouTube wants to give teens the chance to view more than just YouTube KidsCredit: Alamy

It’s aimed at parents of tweens or teens who think their child has outgrown YouTube Kids but don’t want them to see the full blown weird world of YouTube just yet.

Parents will need to set up the account for their child.

The child won’t be able to post videos or comments and various content filters can be applied.

James Beser, YouTube’s director of product management for kids and family, said on a blogpost: “We’ve heard from parents and older children that tweens and teens have different needs, which weren’t being fully met by our products.

Parents will need to set up the account themselves


Parents will need to set up the account themselvesCredit: © 2021 SOPA Img

“As children grow up, they have insatiable curiosity and need to gain independence and find new ways to learn, create and belong.”

Supervised accounts will first launch in the beta version of YouTube.

They’ll be avaliable in more than 80 countries including the UK and US.

The accounts won’t show personalised or inappropriate adverts.

The three content settings will be “Explore,” “Explore More” and “Most of YouTube”.

The names speak for themselves and let child see varying levels of content depending on which is selected.

“Explore” shows content for children ages 9 and up who are just moving on from YouTube Kids.

This may come in the form of appropriate music of vlogs.

Then “Explore More” has a larger set of videos avaliable and these are more suited to viewers 13 and over.

The “Most of YouTube” setting shows everything apart from age-restricted or sensitive content.

YouTube still recommends YouTube Kids as the best way for children “to watch independently and have a more contained viewing experience.”

Top tips for keeping children safe online

Here’s some measures parents/guardians can take…

  • The Sun previously spoke to online safety expert Claire Stead, who shared her top tips for parents who want to make sure their kids aren’t getting access to any dodgy material online.
  • 1. Teach yourself: If you familiarise yourself with popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat then you’ll have a better idea of the risks your kids face, and how to prevent them.
  • 2. Check privacy settings: Major apps and services – like Facebook or your Sky TV box – have ways of restricting access for young people, so check through the settings thoroughly before letting your child onto a device.
  • 3. Get them offline: It’s key to remind children that there’s a whole world offline too, to help dampen the impact of potential cyberbullying – which Claire calls “the biggest concern around online safety”.
  • 4. Talk to them: Make sure children know the risks they face but also make them aware that they can talk to you when things go wrong – particularly if someone is being mean to them, or being sexual with them, online.
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