IF YOU have an iPhone then you need to try this cleaning hack that can help your phone charge more efficiently.

Apple iPhones come equipped with many incredible features, however, some of them can quickly drain your device’s battery.

Cleaning your iPhone's charging port could help improve charging.


Cleaning your iPhone’s charging port could help improve charging.Credit: Getty Images

Still, with proper charging techniques, your iPhone can power back up seamlessly.

In fact, proper charging habits are more important than you may realize as they can not only preserve your device’s lifespan but keep it functioning at an optimal level.

If you are someone who never uses your device while it’s charging, or leaves your phone plugged in for longer than you have to, then you might be thinking you’re fine.

However, there is one area in charging that often gets neglected: the charging port itself.

Cleaning out your iPhone’s Lightning port can prevent many problems for your device down the line.

Sometimes, it’s even the answer to a current technical issue you may be facing while juicing up your device.

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When dust or other particles build up in your phone’s charging port, it can cause your charger to fall out or not charge continuously.

The debris also gets lodged deeper into your device every time you plug your charger into the port, which can cause your device to stop charging altogether.

For these reasons, it’s important to maintain good charging-port hygiene.

How to clean your charging port

Cleaning out your iPhone’s charging port will require some meticulousness on your part as you do not want to damage your device.

Before anything, you must pick your cleaning tool.

Many say to avoid using metal objects and instead opt for a wooden toothpick.

First, take your phone to a well-lit area, or use a flashlight to peer into your port and assess the level of debris and dirt.

Then using very little pressure, take your toothpick and run it along the walls of the port, while avoiding contact with the anchors on the side.

Once you’ve done that, take out the toothpick and clean it before repeating the process.

Follow the aforementioned steps until your iPhone’s port looks clean, then give your device a test charge to make sure it’s working.

You can use a toothpick gently to remove debris from your iPhone's charging port.


You can use a toothpick gently to remove debris from your iPhone’s charging port.Credit: Getty

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