What happened to Stephanie Hirst? Stephanie, a radio personality, talked about how she ended up in the wrong body and how radio saved her life. Learn more about her.

Stephanie Hirst, who hosted Viking FM and Galaxy’s morning shows, began hormone therapy in 2014 and now feels comfortable in her own skin. She said she’d been aware of her gender dysphoria since she was three years old, according to the Loose Women hosts.

What happened to Stephanie Hirst? Who Is Her Partner In 2022?

She revealed that when she was a teenager, a doctor told her that if she transitioned, she would lose her family and friends.

What happened to Stephanie Hirst?

Stephanie Hirst, 47, stated on BBC Radio 5 Live on Saturday that she is halfway through gender reassignment treatment and is now living her life as a woman, changing her name to Stephanie. Hirsty has remained her nickname. “I actually feel alive,” she stated in a recent BBC interview.

Stephanie Hirst Talks How Her Pictures As A Man Are Empowering & Remind Her Of What She Has Become

Stephanie Hirst, 47, claimed that a doctor cautioned her against transitioning from male to female when she was a teenager because it would ruin her relationships and ability to live a successful life.

She should not transition, according to the doctor, because she would risk losing her family and friends.



The Hits Radio host, who revealed her gender reassignment in 2014, spoke to the Loose Women panel about the challenges she faced before being granted the opportunity to transition.

She claimed to have known she was in the wrong body since she was three years old, but she didn’t seek medical guidance about gender reassignment surgery until she was a teenager.

Stephanie admitted that discussing her gender identification with her mother was difficult since she didn’t comprehend her desire to be a woman.

Stephanie stated that she decided to be open about her desire to be a woman in 2014 because she was suicidal in the wrong body.

Stephanie Hirst Pictures As A Man

In 2014, Stephanie Hirst, formerly Simon, received the operation. Her image as a man is currently one of the most popular on the Internet.

In a BBC Radio 5 Live interview with Stephen Nolan in 2014, Hirst came out as a woman and explained her gender transition.

In June 2016, she was one of the faces of Pride In London’s ‘No Filter’ campaign. Hirst starred in the manifesto film, alongside Sir Ian McKellen and Graham Norton, to study what ‘No Filter’ means to the LGBT+ community.



In a second short clip, she described her initial ‘No Filter’ moment, which is shown every day in London’s Westfield shopping center.

In July 2016, Leeds Beckett University honored her with an Honorary Doctorate for her LGBT activism. She was nominated for a British LGBT Award in the category of “Top 10 LGBT+ Celebrity” in February.


Is Stephanie Hirst Married 2022?

Stephanie Hirst hasn’t married yet, and she’s content with her single status so far.

The former host of the hit chart show ‘Hit 40Uk‘ was married to an unknown woman for almost 13 years.

Despite their tight relationship and strong bond, the couple’s love couldn’t survive, and they separated legally in 2007.

Stephanie has been enjoying their single life since then, with no rumors of a love relationship spreading in the press.

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