Vili Fualaau new wife

Vili Fualaau new wife, Has Vili Fualaau found a new wife? Fans wonder about his present whereabouts, two years after his former wife, Mary Kay Letourneau, died of cancer.

Vili Fualaau, age 39, certainly has not had normal adulthood as his life was turned upside down by his infamous teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau.

As you are probably aware of the story, Vili’s school teacher Letourneau sexually abused the young kid when he was only in sixth grade. Then 12 years old, Fulaau was involved in a sexual relationship with a woman over twenty years older.

Wikipedia reports Mary and Vili met in the summer of 1996, and their teacher-student relationship quickly turned into a sexual one. The incident got to the people’s knowhow after the police found the two inside a car in a parking lot, and the case advanced into the legal scene.

Since then, the case of a teacher sexually abusing and establishing an intimate relationship with a young kid has been a well-known story. Although the narrative is based on the idea that love has no boundaries, DailyMail reports Letourneau’s best friend’s perspective, who said that “love had nothing to do with it.”

As the news continues getting the limelight, many people are curious about Vili Fualaau’s present whereabouts and if he has found a new life partner.

Vili Fualaau New Wife: Is He Remarried?

He doesn’t have a new wife as he has not yet decided to remarry.

Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau at their wedding in 2005
Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau at their wedding in 2005 ( Source : seattletimes )

He divorced Mary Kay in 2019, who later died of colorectal cancer in July 2020. It has been over two years since his former partner passed away, and there have been no reports of his love life since then.

As a couple of years have passed, many people ponder if Fualaau has remarried someone else. However, it seems like the man has not yet found a suitable life partner to spend his future days.

The fact that he keeps his Instagram on private mode and doesn’t open up in the media keeps his life updates under the shadow. However, multiple online sites believe that the man has not married another woman and is still single.

Where Is Mary Kay Letourneau Husband Vili Fualaau Today In 2022?

Mary Kay Letourneau’s husband, Vili Fualaau, currently resides in Seattle in 2022, his last traced location.

He is a Seattle-based man and has been active there in various involvement in the past years. According to InTouch, Fualaau worked as a DJ in Seattle at some point, although the dates are pretty vague.

Similarly, the police took him under custody in September 2021 after they found him driving under the influence. InTouch confirmed the news and mentioned that the officials released the man after a day as they eventually dropped the charges.

That was his last public appearance reported on the web, and the media portals have not traced him for almost a year.

Vili Fualaau Scar On Face: What Happened To Him?

He got a scar on his face that extends from his lower lip area to the chin bone visibly from an injury, although there is no detailed report.

Vili Fualaau speaking about his experience in the court
Vili Fualaau speaking about his experience in the court ( Source : sportskeeda )

Since the mark is not visible in his childhood photos, it is not a birthmark, and the man probably got the scar from any cut or another injury. However, there is no information about the possible accident on the internet as the man personally has not addressed the issue.

While he has spoken about the childhood incident’s mental struggle and psychological trauma, Fualaau’s physical incidents remain unknown.

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