AN ultra-rare Kew Gardens 50p coin has sold at auction for an incredible £6,800.

Now is the time to check your pockets after one of the most sought after pieces fetched for thousands of pounds today at the Royal Mint’s online bid.

The coin sold for nearly £7k at auction today


The coin sold for nearly £7k at auction today

Offers for the gold proof Kew started at £4,000 before coin enthusiasts bumped it up to a whopping nearly £7k.

It is one of the rarest coins in existence with only around 629 gold proof versions in circulation – ranking number one on Change Checker’s 50p scarcity index.

The coin, that was first released in 2009, features a design by Christopher Le Brun.

It is celebrating the Royal Botanical Garden and shows the pagoda at Kew with a decorative vine twining around the tower.

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It was made to mark 250 years of the iconic London landmark.

A circulated 50p coin was sold for £250 in August, thanks to it still being in relatively good condition.

Another sold in March for £234, while one went for £310 after 29 bids a month before.

There was also a coin that sold on eBay for £300.88 after 19 bids in December 2022.

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But the scarcity of the coin means it is pretty valuable regardless, meaning you could be in for a nice little cash boost if you find one.

If you think you might have a rare coin, you can get it verified.

The Royal Mint can check your coin and also reassures buyers online that they’re paying for the real deal if you try to sell it as this can bump up the price.

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