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Trevor Reed Russia : Who is Lina Tsybulnik ? Lina is best known for being the long-term girlfriend turned fiancee of Texas Marine Trevor Reed. Get to know a few key details about her.

Russia Sentences Trevor Reed, Former U.S. Marine, to 9 Years - The New York Times



Lina Tsybulnik is the partner of a US Marine from Texas, Trevor Reed.

He is a former US Marine who was serving a nine-year term in Russia when he was found guilty in 2019 of attacking two Russian law enforcement personnel.

The situation worsened when it was revealed that he had been treated inhumanely in jail.


Who is Lina Tsybulnik? Texas Marine Trevor Reed Wife

Lina Tsybulnik is well known for being Trevor Reed’s Russian fiancee.

He is a former US Marine who was arrested in Moscow in 2019 after reportedly assaulting two inebriated Moscow policemen.

The Texas marine and his family, on the other hand, have disputed the accusation.

After reading his story, several others sought out his bio.

In particular, he has been imprisoned in a cell in a correctional colony with horrible living conditions.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Moscow has stated that Reed’s prosecution was ludicrous since two Moscow police officers tried to clarify the purported incident in the courtroom, making it contradictory.


Lina Tsybulnik Age And Wiki

Lina Tsybulnik’s present age is not mentioned and her exact date of birth is undisclosed.

Her partner, Trevor Reed, on the other hand, has just turned 30.

According to the source, he is in critical condition and is currently coughing up blood.

Furthermore, he is said to have received no medical attention while in the cell when he staged a six-day hunger strike in November 2021, worsening his health.

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Lina Tsybulnik Wedding

Lina Tsybulnik’s wedding to Trevor Reed has yet to be confirmed.

According to present reports, she is only the fiancee.


Does Lina Tsybulnik Have Kids?

Lina Tsybulnik’s kids and other specifics about her family are yet to be revealed.

In reality, there isn’t much access to seeing her as a person.

Lina’s info can be obtained from a limited number of sites.

There is no knowledge about what she does on her own, her job, or her previous accomplishments.

Find Lina Tsybulnik On Facebook And Instagram

Due to a shortage of information, Lina Tsybulnik’s social media usernames on Facebook and Instagram have yet to be discovered.

There are a few other profiles under her name, but her exact profile couldn’t be tracked.

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