BISCUIT fans have spotted an “amazing” new Oreo flavour on Co-op’s shop shelves.

The new flavour was posted on social media – prompting sweet-toothed Brits to jump in the comments and share their excitement.

The new flavour has been released in the US in the past, but it's the first time Brits have seen it in the UK


The new flavour has been released in the US in the past, but it’s the first time Brits have seen it in the UKCredit: Facebook/Newfoodsuk

A picture of the new snack – Vanilla Latte flavoured Oreos – was posted on the popular Facebook group ‘New Foods UK’.

In the group, foodie Brits often share some of the most unique snacks the UK has to offer, as well as brand new ones that have only just hit shelves.

The post reads: “Brand new Vanilla Latte Oreo, these are really good!

“The creamy vanilla flavour works so well with the coffee flavour, we are stocking up on these, Now available at Co-op.”

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The post was made on March 22, so anyone looking to cop a pack of the special edition treats might need to race down to their local branch before stocks run out. 

Hundreds of Facebook users commented on the post, with some hoping the treat will be rolled out in all supermarkets across the UK.

Tagging a friend, one user said: “Oh my god look at these, they sound interesting, I need to find a co-op and get some. I hope they will go to all supermarkets.”

A second user said: “This will be my new obsession.”

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A third user said: “Oh my god, how good do these sound.”

And a fourth user chimed in with: “I deserve these.”

I’m a foodie and here’s how you can make a simple 3-ingredient Oreo ice cream – it tastes amazing & it’s perfect to enjoy in the sunshine

It’s not the only snack Brits have been excited about this year.

Aldi addicts are raving about a 99p fan favourite snack that’s returned to its shelves, and the savvy shopper that found them – Natalie Heather Adams – took to social media to alert other customers about it after being thrilled with the find.

As well as savoury snacks, sweet ones like an iconic Aussie treat have also appeared, with shoppers in the UK managing to get their hands on packs of them. 

The iconic chocolate snack landed in UK supermarkets for the first time last week, and is already flying off the shelves.

Asda fans also had something to celebrate this week, as they sprinted to their local store and filled their baskets up with a bizarre fruit that “tastes like white chocolate”.

The sweet treat has caused a stir among shoppers who have been left impressed by the unusual flavour.

Spotted by a bargain hunter, they took to the Facebook group ‘Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains Group’, where foodie Brits post newly released treats, sales and fan-favourite foods.


They said: “Asda offers Rose Pearl Strawberries for just £2.50!

“Dive into the sweetness of these unique strawberries, perfect for adding a special touch to any meal.”

Co-op shoppers will need to move fast before the fancy new vanilla latte flavoured biscuit goes out of stock


Co-op shoppers will need to move fast before the fancy new vanilla latte flavoured biscuit goes out of stockCredit: Getty

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