MARTIN Lewis revealed a hidden switch inside fridges that could save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills.

The Money Saving Expert took to his live show to give viewers “a few tips to get your house in order” this winter.

Martin Lewis advised his viewers to check their fridge and freezer temperatures this winter


Martin Lewis advised his viewers to check their fridge and freezer temperatures this winterCredit: ITV1 LIVE
He offered six pieces of advice that could save you hundreds on your energy bills


He offered six pieces of advice that could save you hundreds on your energy billsCredit: Itv1

Martin Lewis went through a list of six top tips that covered all bases of the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

One of the pieces of advice he gave viewers was to “check your fridge”.

Speaking to the audience he explained: “Five degrees is the right temperature for a fridge, don’t have it any colder,” he said.

He also revealed that the right temperature for a freezer is -18 degrees.


Referring to a previous caller, Martin said all homeowners had to do to make sure their fridges and freezers were at the correct temperature was to turn them up and down from the switches inside.

If the appliance is too cold, then users are paying more to freeze their items when they don’t necessarily need to.

Steering away from the kitchen, he also went on to explain that in the bathroom, fitting a free water savings shower head can save homeowners hundreds of thousands of pounds.

He said that the money-saving heads use less water which in turn means you’re paying for less heat – therefore slashing energy bills right down.

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The next tip he gave was to ensure your central heating is turned down in rooms that are unused.

“Just walk around the house and make sure the radiators are off in the rooms you are not in, it is as simple as that,” he said.

Tactical curtains were Martin’s next money saver.

He explained that when the sun is shining, heat is being radiated into the house, but when it gets dark and cold, you’re letting the heat out with the curtains open.

“Keep the curtains open when it’s light, make sure you close them as soon as it gets dark, and if you want – fleece line them, that gives them much better insulation,” he advised.

But these aren’t the only genius hacks Martin has provided the nation in order to help them fight soaring energy bills and save thousands of pounds.

He also revealed seven simple checks that Brits can make now to lower their energy bills.

Martin advised: “If you are on monthly Direct Debit, check that you’re not overpaying.

“Go online and use a ‘is my Direct Debit correct?’ calculator where you put in your annual usage and it will tell you roughly what you should be paying.

“If it’s too high, you have a right to a fair Direct Debit. So you politely get on the phone and ask ‘can you justify why the Direct Debit is so high when I’m not using anywhere near that much?’.

“If they refuse to, you can take them to the energy ombudsman,” he said.

It also comes after he revealed how “hidden” boiler switches can slash thousands from your energy bills.

Martin explained how homeowners with a combi boiler can save £65 annually by slightly tweaking their flow temperature.

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The flow temperature on your boiler is the temperature of the water that your boiler sends to your radiators. 

Reducing the temperature means your boiler is using less gas to heat the hot water, saving money on your bills.

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