SAVVY shoppers are going mad for a dirt-cheap DIY kit which will keep your home warm and slash heating bills – and you don’t have to touch your boiler.

As the weather starts to turn colder, money-conscious homeowners will be looking for ways to keep themselves warm without having to break the bank due to sky-high energy costs.

The DIY kit can prevent condensation forming and prevent heat being lost through your windows


The DIY kit can prevent condensation forming and prevent heat being lost through your windowsCredit: Getty

One expert has revealed a cheap and easy way to keep your home nice and toasty this winter and it costs just £3.25.

Not only will it keep you feeling nice and snug but also help keep the condensation away which can lead to damp and mould forming.

Anyone who doesn’t have double glazing, an insulation kit is available for just over £3.25 and is designed to keep draughts away, keeping you warm.

To install, you first need to line your windows with double-sided tape and then cover your window with the plastic film.

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Then you have to shrink the plastic and seal it using a hairdryer so it fits snugly to your window, helping to trap the heat inside.

According to the Government’s website, 7 per cent of household have no double glazing at all and it also states 18 per cent of heat loss occurs through windows.

The experts at Green Match said: “The heat transfer from your radiators and fireplaces all contribute to the warmth in your home, so it’s a real issue when a lot of it is lost through your glass windows.

“Window film insulation prevents that heat from escaping to form another seal on your windows, projecting the heat flow back into the room.

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“One thing that insulating window film can really help you save money on, is your energy bills and your overall energy costs throughout the year.

“The energy savings are generated by reducing the amount of warmth lost through your glass pane window and increasing the overall insulation of your home.

“Considering insulation window film is so cheap, this is an investment that will pay for itself very quickly.”

The insulation kits can be picked up from home stores such as B&Q and Wickes as well via online stores such as Amazon.

Online shoppers have already been giving it the thumbs up.

One person wrote: “Good buy. Well priced, and quite easy to install. A good amount of double-sided tape is included.

“Quite effective but make sure it’s airtight when installing and there are no edges not fixed in place.”

Someone else added: “Purchased this as a last resort to deal with the momentous amount of condensation I was dealing with every day!

“Didn’t hold out much hope but was pleasantly surprised.

“This has made a massive difference and would highly recommend.”

The DIY kit should help keep the warmth in and your energy bills down


The DIY kit should help keep the warmth in and your energy bills downCredit: Getty

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