CHECK your PlayStation 5 settings – there may be a few easy changes to instantly improve your console.

The U.S. Sun has picked out four clever hacks that every PS5 owner should know.

Your PlayStation 5 can be easily upgraded if you know the right settings to change


Your PlayStation 5 can be easily upgraded if you know the right settings to changeCredit: Sony PlayStation

Save DualSense battery

One of the most frustrating things about gaming on a PlayStation is when your DualSense controller runs out of charge.

Sure, you can plug it in – but it’s more convenient to play wirelessly.

Thankfully there are a few ways to improve your DualSense battery life so that you run out of charge less often.

Set it to switch off automatically by going into Settings > System > Power Saving.

Go into your sound settings and make sure that your microphone is muted “when logged in” to prevent it from constantly being on.

And consider reducing the intensity of the haptic feedback on your DualSense too.

Just go to Control Center > Accessories > DualSense Wireless Controller > Controller Settings > Vibration Intensity / Trigger Effect Intensity.

Save PS5 storage space

Your PS5 will collect a 15-second 4K clip of each Trophy that you earn.

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And if you collect a bunch, you’ll end up wasting gigabytes of space.

Consider just turning this feature off entirely.

Go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Auto-Captures > Trophies > Video Clips and limit it to Platinum or None.

You should also consider deleting Astro’s Playroom.

The Sony game is installed on every PS5 by default, but you can get rid of it if you’ve already played it.

You’ll instantly free up just under 11 gigabytes of space, and you can always redownload it if you change your mind.

Log in offline

You can silently log in to your PS5 so your friends aren’t alerted to your presence.

That means you can game while being invisible so people don’t know you’re online. Peace and quiet: unlocked.

To do it, boot up your PS5 like normal and press the menu button on your profile.

This will reveal a hidden options panel: scroll down and choose Appear Offline.

Then when you log in, you’ll do so silently so you can game without disturbance.

Set presets

Your PlayStation has a menu that lets you choose presets for all of your video games.

That way you can pre-select your favourite settings, including:

  • Difficulty
  • Performance or Resolution Mode
  • First-Person View
  • Third-Person View
  • Subtitles and Audio
  • Online Multiplayer sessions
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Once you’ve chosen them, games will default to these settings in future.

It can save you a lot of time getting set up when you start playing a new title.

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