TECH experts have shared ways to make older Android phones feel brand new.

The experts list five system operation changes Android users can make to customize their phones and update their smartphone experience.

Experts have five simple ways to change the old Android phones


Experts have five simple ways to change the old Android phones

Experts at C-Net, a tech review platform, list five internal changes Android users can make.

“Your Android phone is like a car,” the site claims.

“It requires regular maintenance so that you can identify any major issues, address them and help prevent future problems.”

The site suggests that smartphone users wash their phones – they can be excessively dirty.

Beyond the hygienic advice, the experts have five tips to make Androids feel brand new:


Deleting apps that are no longer in use solves a number of problems for Android users.

Apps take up a lot of space – users that clear out old apps can take more pictures, download more music and get newer apps.

Also, apps may be taking data.

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If older apps exist on an Android, they may be pulling data based on the phone’s usage.


Similar to deleting apps, getting rid of old files will give Androids more space.

Android phones have a “files” folder on the home screen.

The folder often holds old downloads and unwanted data that takes up precious space on the phone.


Android phones are exceptionally customizable – the home screen is a great place to get creative.

Users frequently change the background pictures on their phones, but Android offers more customizable choices.

App icons can change on Android phones to make the phone look completely different from other users.

Also, users can change the app icon sizes by changing how many are on each home screen.

C-Net suggests: “go from a grid of 4×5 apps to 5×5.”

They say the “extra column can make a big difference (the same can be said about shrinking the grid)”


Android offers a list of pre-set changes that may be more pleasing for Android users.

Night mode, for example, makes the screen darker.

The mode will also save battery on the phone, as the screen doesn’t work as hard to shine as brightly.


Under the “Permissions Manager” section of the phone’s settings menu, users can decide which apps they want to give data.

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The settings allow users to withhold location data and out-of-app sharing to specific apps on their phones.

Android users can even adjust this for pre-set apps.

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