PARENTS are fuming after discovering Heinz have discontinued their kids’ favourite dunner – “it’s all our kid’s eat”.

The company shocked customers when they announced the removal of an incredibly popular canned meal on X/Twitter.

The brand sadly confirmed their Veg Hoops had gone forever


The brand sadly confirmed their Veg Hoops had gone forever

Baffled shoppers started to question where the much-loved Heinz Veg Hoops had gone, with stock rapidly disappearing from shelves.

“Have you discontinued the veg hoops? My son loves them and we’ve not been able to find any for a while, even in the shops that previously stocked them,” penned one worried customer.

The brand sadly confirmed their Veg Hoops had gone forever and said: “Hi Verity, sorry this variety has been discontinued”

Fans were shocked at the revelation as parents had been racing to get their hands on it.

“My boy loves them and I’m down to my last tin he’s a very very fussy eater too and his hoops are one of only five meals he’ll eat,” commented a disappointed mum.

It comes after Veg Hoops were launched as a healthier alternative to the brand’s Spaghetti Hoops.

“I just had a tin of Heinz Veg Hoops as opposed to normal Spaghetti Hoops on toast,” wrote one hungry Brit.

“They get the thumbs up from me, richer sauce like the original used to be. Worth the extra 15 calories as no ketchup required.”

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Another happy customer commented: “Heinz have brought out veg spaghetti hoops, these are fantastic for those who don’t like veg or sneaking it into a kids meal.”

Heinz did not provide a reason for the popular product’s discontinuation.

But, hopefully fans will still find some consolation in the ongoing sale of the nation’s much loved Spaghetti Hoops.

This comes as Heinz fans were also distraught after learning one of the nations’ favourite sauces has been removed from shelves permanently.

The much-loved brand confirmed a popular flavour had been discontinued after confused Brits failed to find it in the shops.

It was revealed their Firecracker Sauce, loved for its BBQ and chilli flavours, was no longer available for elevating burgers and marinating meat.

And, there are plenty of other manufacturers and household names being forced to pull products.

Hellmann’s fans were devastated to learn the “best sauce EVER” is gone for good – and begged the brand to bring it back.

The sauce creators added that the discontinuation of their Dijonnaise was due to “restrictions as a result of the pandemic“.

Meanwhile, chocolate lovers were devastated when Cadbury removed a popular Christmas treat.

The chocolate giant confirmed on X/Twitter that the Cadbury Snaps have been officially discontinued.

Plus, Discos crisps fans were devastated when they learned a hugely popular flavour had been discontinued.

The iconic brand are famous for their yummy salt and vinegar treat, but left savoury snackers fuming after revealing their Bacon flavour was gone.

And, Aldi customers have been left fuming after a string of popular snacks and veggies were discontinued.

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