WITH Christmas upon us that means opening times at high street shops are different to the usual hours.

Here’s when Next stores are opening (and closing) over the festive period in 2020, including how new coronavirus lockdown restrictions will affect hours across the country.

Stores will close for some of the Christmas holidays


Stores will close for some of the Christmas holidaysCredit: Alamy

What are Next’s opening hours for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Next is closed across the UK on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve opening times will depend where the branch is located.

At the moment, stores located in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas in England, and all of Scotland and Northern Ireland are open as usual.

On Christmas Eve, hours at these open stores can vary, so it’s worth checking with your local branch – you can do that here.

Some stores close as early as 3pm, according to the Next website, while others close later in the evening at 6pm.

New lockdown restrictions mean stores that are not considered essential retail must close in Tier 4 areas in England and all of Wales – and that includes Next.

But Next stores in these areas will be open for people to pick up orders made online and to drop off online returns – not for shopping in-store.

On Christmas Eve, these times can vary, so again, check with you local branch.

What are Next’s opening hours for Boxing Day until New Year?

Next stores will be open on Boxing Day (Saturday December 26) in the locations where it’s allowed.

And people wanting to get hold of a bargain in the famous Next sale can start shopping as early as 6am in many stores.

Some areas will be in lockdown from Christmas Day, and that means some branches that were open before Christmas will be closed afterwards.

The majority of areas in Scotland and all of Northern Ireland will be plunged into a lockdown and that means shops like Next will be closed on Boxing Day and beyond.

Stores in these areas in Scotland will be open for click and collect deliveries and returns from Boxing Day, but not for shopping in-store.

In Northern Ireland, stores are closed completely, even for click and collect and returns.

The sale will be online-only for areas where you can’t shop in-store.

Stores only open for click and collect and online returns

In England:

After Boxing Day and before New Year, there is a Bank Holiday which will have shorter opening hours.

Because Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, so the day off rolls over to the start of the week and so the Bank Holiday is on Monday December 28.

Actual opening times will vary from store to store.

There will be normal opening times then until New Years Eve, depending on the lockdown rules where you are.

What are Next’s opening hours over New Year?

On New Year’s Eve, most UK stores open at the usual time, and close earlier.

This varies from branch to branch, so check your local store.

We’ve asked Next if it’s the same this year for those that can open – either fully or for click and collect only – and will update when we hear back.

On New Years Day Next has normal opening hours, though the lockdown rules will apply, so stores that are open will be for either in-store shopping or just click and collect only.

Check out the opening times of supermarkets over Christmas and New Year.

Don’t wait around for the Boxing Day sales – many shops have already launched sales and discounts early this year, and they’re available online.

Here’s when banks are open over the holiday season.

Sun delivers festive hampers to isolated Brits for Christmas Together appeal

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