YOU should always keep an eye on your spare change because you never know when you might find a rare coin.

Some rare coins sell for multiple times their face value.

 You could be quids in from your 1op coins


You could be quids in from your 1op coins

When it comes to 10ps, the rarest and most valuable are the A to Z collection.

The commemorative coins were created by the Royal Mint in 2018 and re-released in 2019.

The 26-piece set includes one of each letter of the alphabet, exploring a number of themes, from James Bond to cricket.

Up to 304,000 of each A-Z 10p design is in circulation, making them some of the most sought-after out there.

And many collectors are desperate to get hold of the whole set and complete the alphabet.


Some which are uncirculated are in mint condition and often sell for more than their circulated counterparts.

Remember though, a coin is really only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

That means the prices we’ve found might not be what you get for them.

Either way, they give you an indication of how much people have sold them for in recent months.

Rare and valuable coins – is yours worth a mint?

Z for Zebra Crossing 10p – £9

 Z is for the unmistakable Zebra Crossing


Z is for the unmistakable Zebra Crossing

The Royal Mint released this coin to celebrate James Callaghan’s iconic black and white pedestrian crossing, with 283,000 put into circulation overall.

They have also become iconic in British culture since featuring on the iconic cover of Beatles album Abbey Road.

The circulated Z for Zebra 10p last sold on eBay for £8.88 in March with three bids.

That said, it has previously sold for up to £37 in the past.

W for World Wide Web 10p – £13

 Paying tribute to the internet, W is for World Wide Web


Paying tribute to the internet, W is for World Wide Web

Celebrating Brit Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of the internet, this W for World Wide Web 10p features a spiderweb design.

Though it’s not quite clear how the design actually relates to the internet, we’ve seen these coins going for £26 – though prices at the moment have dropped considerably.

The highest price that someone recently paid for this coin on eBay was £12.99 on March 16.

There have been 283,000 of these coins minted.

Y for Yeoman Warder 10p – £16

 Y stands for Yeoman Warder in the A to Z collection


Y stands for Yeoman Warder in the A to Z collection

This coin features a yeoman warder on the tails side to celebrate the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London who protect the British Crown Jewels.

It is third highest on the Change Checker scarcity list.

The highest recent selling price we could find on eBay for a 2019 Y for Yeoman 10p coin was £15.99 on March 22.

But they have previously sold for up to £30.

There are 283,000 of these coins in circulation in total.

R for Robin 10p – £12

 R stands for the adorable red-breasted Robin


R stands for the adorable red-breasted Robin

Down two places on the scarcity index from August, the R for Robin coin still sells for more than the other 10p pieces on the market.

R for Robin features a wintery, snowflake background with a robin sitting inside the letter R.

That gives it extra appeal around Christmas time.

We spotted a 2019 coin sold for £15.99 on eBay previously, but the most recent one sold was for £12.50 with six bids on January 29.

Still, there are more of these in circulation than Y for Yeoman Warder and Z for Zebra Crossing coins, with 284,000 in total.

T is for Tea 10p – £8

 It's the nation's favourite drink - T is for Tea


It’s the nation’s favourite drink – T is for Tea

This 10p features a boiled traditional tea pot next to the letter ‘T’.

It was created due to our nation’s undeniable love for the drink.

In 2018 220,000 were issued for circulation and 84,000 in 2019.

The coins won’t fetch you much online, with one we spotted last year on eBay going for £7.70 with 16 bids.

J is for Jubilee 10p – £9

 The coin was designed by Jody Clark


The coin was designed by Jody ClarkCredit: Royal Mint

Another coin that has come up the scarcity index is the Jubilee 10p which is now in sixth place.

The coin was designed by Jody Clark in honour of the country’s love of a Jubilee celebration.

Whether its a party in the street or watching the event on the telly, Brits know how to make the occasion.

The 10p was minted in 2018 with 220,000 being issued, a further 84,000 were issued in 2019. A couple of months ago this coin sold for £40 but most recently has sold for £8.75 with one bid.

What makes a coin more valuable?

In most cases, a coin is valuable if a low amount were put into circulation – known as its mintage figure.

Generally, the lower a coin’s mintage figure, the more you will be able to sell it for in an auction, on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

But this isn’t always the case and some coins have been known to sell for more than others despite more having been put into circulation.

Remember too, that a rare coin is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it on the day.

Change Checker looks at how many collectors have acquired the coin, showing how easy it is to find.

Experts also track how many times the design has been requested as a swap during the previous three months, showing them collector demand.

While the index doesn’t necessarily correspond to value, it is an effective indicator.

What do I do if I have a rare coin and how do I find out how much it’s worth?

One in every four old £1 are thought to be fake according to The Royal Mint, meaning there could be a fake in your spare change.

The Royal Mint can’t value the coin but can confirm that it’s genuine. They’ll supply you with a letter to confirm this.

Once you know if it’s real you’ll be able to sell it through a coin dealer, a specialist such as Change Checker, auction or eBay.

You can look at eBay’s recent sold prices to get an indicator of how much your coin usually goes for on the site.

Search the full name of the coin, select the “sold” listing and then toggle the search to “highest value”.

You’ll then have an idea of the amount of money that the coin is being sold for.

When it comes to selling a rare coin, you have three main options – eBay, Facebook Marketplace or auction.

If you’re selling through Facebook, be wary of the risks.

Fraudsters have contacted sellers in the past saying they want to buy a rare coin and ask for money upfront for a courier to collect it.

But the items are never picked up, leaving sellers out of pocket.

Bear in mind the safest way to sell a rare coin will more than likely be through auction.

To stop this happening, it’s worth meeting the buyer in person and in a public meeting spot that’s well-lit.

We’ve updated our list of the rarest and most valuable 50p pieces in circulation and it includes a list of coins worth up to £895.

Meanwhile, keep up to date with all the rare coins and valuable notes news from The Sun.

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