GOOGLE’S budget Pixel 8a phone could be sporting an updated design and display, a new leaked image suggests.

The device is expected to hit shelves on May 14, when consumers were supposed to get their first proper look at the smartphone.

The Pixel 7a


The Pixel 7a

But a number of leaks, including the most recent photo from TechDroider, spotted by 9to5Google, has pipped Google to the post.

The photo – if legitimate – shows that the Pixel 8a handset will have rounder corners than the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

There’s also a matte finish on the back.

Whereas last year’s Pixel 7a had a shiny finish.


Android fans who saw the leak have voiced disappointment in the device’s bezels, which are larger than that of the Pixel 8.

Although, they are likely similar to last year’s Pixel 7a.

Bezels refers to the border between the screen and the phone’s frame.

“A55 looks miles ahead compared to this Pixel,” one onlooker wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

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Another tweeted: “Wait if these are real the bezels are no good at all damn.”

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A third onlooker said the Pixel 8a “looks like a mix of the 7a and the Pixel 5” which they still own and remains in perfect working order.

“Also really like the surface material of the 5. So it’s nice they used something similar again now.

“But my 5 has much smaller bezels. Why are they so big?”

But beyond those tweaks, not much has changed – as is the way with Google’s A series devices.

The camera bar still stretches across the back of the handset,  with two cameras on one side and the flash on the other.

Google typically releases an A series phone around the same time every year, a few months after its annual flagship Pixel launch.

They are advertised as more affordable phones than the flagship models, but with some of the same tech and features.

The biggest difference is often just the size.

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