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When managing risk and compliance in today’s fast-paced business world, it takes a unique combination of skills and expertise to navigate the constantly changing landscape. According to recent statistics, companies implementing risk management and compliance programs have seen a 50 per cent reduction in the cost of regulatory investigations and fines.

In this respect, Shruti Sridhar’s knowledge and experience are invaluable. An expert in risk management and compliance, she has helped many organizations improve their financial performance and stakeholder trust. With over eight years of experience in all three lines of defense, she is highly regarded for her ability to identify and mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect organizations from financial and reputational harm. Sridhar has worked with companies of all sizes, from small to large corporations, to address their risk and compliance challenges.

A holistic and personalized approach

Sridhar’s approach to risk management and compliance is holistic, taking into account each organization’s unique needs and goals. She believes risk management and compliance can create value while mitigating threats. Sridhar has helped organizations defend over 200 billion dollars in annual revenue. With her extensive experience, she has launched customer-centric products that manage compliance risks, led projects to identify risks within critical frameworks, and actively participated in the development of ISO standards for emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain.

She has also demonstrated her expertise in various domains, such as product management, payments compliance, sanctions screening, technology audits, risk management, security and privacy, data governance, program management, data analytics and machine learning, and GDPR implementation. With Sridhar’s guidance and expertise, organizations can gain a competitive advantage, improve operations, and enhance their reputation in the marketplace.

Recognition in risk management and compliance

Sridhar’s ability to simplify complex regulatory requirements and communicate them effectively to her stakeholders is one of her greatest strengths. By doing so, she helps her stakeholders understand their obligations and comply with regulations efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, her professional memberships in ISACA and ACAMS have enhanced her domain expertise. As a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Sridhar possesses valuable credentials that enable her to audit information systems effectively. Several awards have invited her to be on the judging panel of esteemed awards such as Edison, Stevie, Globee, Codie, and Webby Awards.

Sridhar has also contributed to ISACA’s upcoming Cybersecurity Analyst Review Manual as a Cybersecurity Analyst Review Manual SME Reviewer. Her feedback has been instrumental in enhancing the product, showcasing her dedication to risk management and compliance.

A proven record of success

Shruti Sridhar is a true expert in risk management and compliance, dedicated to helping her organizations succeed. Her passion for making a difference in the lives of the people and organizations she serves is evident in her work. With a track record of success in navigating the challenges of today’s business world, her holistic approach and ability to simplify complex regulations have proven valuable assets to companies of all sizes.

As businesses face new and evolving risks, it is clear that Sridhar’s expertise will be in high demand. For her, the real reward comes from helping her organizations succeed, and her unwavering commitment to this goal will undoubtedly lead to continued success in the future.

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