A LUCKY couple revealed they could’ve missed out on the whopping jackpot if they hadn’t moved home.

Chris and his wife Anne Nicholls, both 76, were left stunned after they won £142,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Chris and Anne Nicholls couldn't believe they were this week's Postcode Lottery winners


Chris and Anne Nicholls couldn’t believe they were this week’s Postcode Lottery winnersCredit: Peoples Postcode Lottery

The married couple, of Sesley, West Sussex, admitted they were lucky after moving to the winning street last April.

Now I can buy my wife two new hips and me two new knees

Chris Nicholls

The winning duo would’ve been left with nothing had they stayed at their old residence.

“It’s been a lucky move,” Chris said.

“If we stayed where we were we wouldn’t have had this winning postcode.

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“It feels magic.”

They had played the Postcode Lottery for years at their last house but never came close to winning.

The pair won a share of a £1million jackpot after PO20 9BA became the newest Millionaire Street.


The former Judo black belt is set to splash his winnings on two new knees and his wife will also be treated to a double hip replacement.

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Chris said: “It’s the sort of thing you dream about, and you think it’s never going to happen.

“Now I can buy my wife two new hips and me two new knees.”

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The thrill seeker – who also used to race motorbikes – acknowledged his sporting past had taken a toll on his body and claimed he was now ready to put his feet up after securing the jackpot.

Chris explained he was already a veteran when he started practising Judo and it had particularly affected the joints in his knees.

He would go on to compete for more than 20 years and achieve black belt status in the late 80s.

The Judo expert: “You don’t judge a judo player by the belt around his waist you judge them by the number of knee operations they’ve had.”

His wife, Anne is also looking forward to having an operation of her own as she hopes to get new hips.

Chris said: “My wife unfortunately is in the need of a couple of new hips so we might speed that up and go private, and we’ll give the family and the grandkids some and generally save the rest for a rainy day

“This money means we could go private rather than the NHS, even though they’ve been really good so far.”

The pensioners plan to celebrate big with their two sons and their two granddaughters with a hotel stay and restaurant dinner.

The married couple also plan to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in style.


It comes after a couple who secured £144,000 in the Postcode Lottery revealed they were kicked out of their home in 1992 and weren’t able to buy it back for more than two decades.

And a retired NHS worker has told how she suffered from a scary sign before winning the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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