The week began with an energy crunch, as households woke up to the problems sending gas prices spiralling – and the impact that could have on their bills.

It ended with a needless rush on petrol, as people were told there was no need to panic buy fuel… and some promptly panic bought it.

The petrol issue we’re told is to do with a shortage of HGV drivers to deliver fuel, the gas problem is unfortunately far more complex.

The immediate impact for households is that some are finding their energy supplier has gone bust and they are being transferred elsewhere, others are discovering they can’t switch, and many are staring down the barrel of a potential big imminent price cap rise followed by another next spring.

In this podcast episode, This is Money’s energy and consumer correspondent Grace Gausden explains what’s happening and Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert discuss the implications with her.

In the second part of the podcast, Tanya Jefferies joins to talk about the National Audit Office report into underpaid women’s state pensions, which highlighted her and our columnist Steve Webb’s work in exposing the fiasco,

Tanya updates us on their investigations and what may happen next.

And finally, there’s a new bank in town: Chase. Well it’s actually a very old one, because it’s JP Morgan launching current accounts in the UK under the Chase brand.

It’s got 5% interest, with a catch, 1% cashback and some nifty features. Is it worth getting?

Small energy suppliers are collapsing as gas prices soar and they struggle with the price cap

Small energy suppliers are collapsing as gas prices soar and they struggle with the price cap

Small energy suppliers are collapsing as gas prices soar and they struggle with the price cap 

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