Hilary Duff’s fourth child has joined the Duff-Bair-Comrie Crew!

Townes Meadow Bair joined the family via water birth May 3, Duff’s said on Instagram.

“I have been dreaming of holding you in my arms for months, and the past five days of getting to know you, stare at you and smell you have been pure moments of magic,” Duff wrote. “We all love you like you’ve been here all along, beauty.”

She also noted, “Now we know why she made us wait so long … she was perfecting those cheeks!”

Duff announced her pregnancy in an adorably hilarious Christmas card in December. “So much for silent nights,” it read. The back of the card included sweet photos of the kids along with a note: “Buckle up Buttercups, we’re adding one more to this crazy bunch!”

She and her husband, Matthew Koma (who was born as Matthew Bair), are raising two girls: Banks, 5, and Mae, 3. She has an older son, Luca, 12, from her previous marriage to Mike Comrie.

Though Duff has that pregnancy glow, she has seemed anxious for it to be over.

She titled a carousel of pregnancy images on Instagram as “The wait …” And on April 17, she posted photos of a “slow week,” saying that she’s “gently trying to give baby the eviction notice.”

Even though Duff had to play “hot nurse” during Koma’s recent vasectomy, he appears to have been a support during this pregnancy.

In a recent Instagram post caption, Duff wrote: “4 kids is a truly wild choice. And while you rage the farmers market with the kids after 4 nights of shows and late nights so I can get some sleep and not hear, ‘Mom Mom Mama Mommy Mooooom,’ just know this only works because of you ♥️.” 

Source: | This article originally belongs to Nbcnews.com

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