A STARBUCKS superfan says most shoppers have no clue about a nifty hack which can get you free coffee every day.

Caroline Butler, 47, from Long Stratton in Norfolk, revealed the hack in a TikTok clip.

Caroline Butler is a Starbucks superfan


Caroline Butler is a Starbucks superfanCredit: tiktok

She said: “I’ve got some top tips which mean you never need to pay full price for a Starbucks again.

“Did you know you can get unlimited refills on your filter coffee in Starbucks?

“Go in there and pay £1.55 for a filter coffee – you can then continue to keep filling up your cup as long as you want.”

Caroline also said that you can get 25p off your drink if you bring a reusable cup.

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She added: “If you don’t have it already, download the Starbucks app.

“You will get three star every time you spend a pound – after 150 stars, you can get a free drink.

“When you hit gold-level status on your Starbucks app, that means you can have free syrups, free shots and free whipped cream – plus a free drink on your birthday.

“Many Starbucks branches are on the Too Good To Go app.

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“This is an app which rescues food that would otherwise go to waste.

“If you get a Too Good To Go bag from Starbucks, it usually costs around £4.

“You get a whole bundle of things in there like muffins, sandwiches, cakes.”

A McDonald’s customer has shared a tip for getting a Big Mac and fries “for £1.99” – but not everyone is impressed.

This post first appeared on thesun.co.uk

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