GENSHIN Impact has locked new rewards behind a controversial side quest.

While the quest could have been ignored by players until this point, it seems that Genshin Impact wants it to be a more integral part of the game.

The Ibis Piercer is highly coveted by fans.


The Ibis Piercer is highly coveted by fans.Credit: HoYoVerse

A new TCG was added into Genshin at the end of last year, called Genius Invokation.

Players initially thought that it would just be an added bonus for those who were interested in trying it out. 

Genshin Impact’s main gameplay consists of RPG elements, where players collect characters and take on enemies.

While Genius Invokation carries over this collecting aspect, the style of battling is completely different.

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Those who are only interested in Genshin Impact’s base gameplay have simply ignored the TCG and carried on.

However, a new event has added a powerful weapon for one character, Ganyu, which is locked behind the TCG.

The Ibis Piercer is one of Ganyu’s best weapons, but requires players to complete the ‘Come try Genius Invokation TCG!’ quest before it can be obtained.

One user on Reddit posted: “I’ve feared this day since the TCG was released.”

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Luckily for fans, players are only required to complete this tutorial quest in order to grab the Ibis Piercer.

This means that they can then go back to ignoring the TCG’s existence.

It does have fans worried that the TCG will play a larger part in the game’s main story, and that more TCG matches will be required in the future.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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