FITBIT owners will have to the option to log into their account with their Google credentials from tomorrow.

It marks the beginning of a full transition to Google logins, whereby Fitbit logins will eventually be rendered useless.

Using your Google account to access Fitbit services will be optional for the time being


Using your Google account to access Fitbit services will be optional for the time being

The Google-owned company begins the slow transition on June 6, after months of warning.

Fitbit warned customers in September last year that by early 2025, everyone will need a Google account in order to log into the fitness platform.

While Fitbit owners should at least be prepared for the shift, some aren’t happy with the change.

“At least bring some new good features,” Reddit user @Motawa1988 said last night, following Google’s announcement.

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Fellow Redditor @Arrowtip added: “I don’t think I’ll have a Fitbit by 2025, so I probably won’t transition in exchange for literally no new features…”

Using your Google account to access Fitbit services will be optional for the time being.

Google said that using a single login makes “it easier for you to manage all your connected apps and paired devices – plus all your information is in one place.” 

Fitbit users will also be able to benefit from Google’s privacy and security systems in regards to their personal and health data storage.

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However, customers’ sourness over a lack of new features follows Google streamlining the app.

The company axed some of its users most favourite features as part of the overhaul.

The company got rid of the Challenges and Adventures features, alongside the virtual rewards system as Google seeks to streamline the app.

Users will instead be able to “create a closed group with your friends and connect with other users” and “still complete with friends on your leader board and earn badges for personal achievements,” Google said at the time.

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