WANT to go to uni but fear the cost? You could apply for a scholarship.

National Scholarship Week, highlighting available options, begins on Monday.

Cassandrah Mgoyo got a scholarship to attend Durham University from insurance firm Chaucer Group


Cassandrah Mgoyo got a scholarship to attend Durham University from insurance firm Chaucer GroupCredit: Supplied

It was founded by student finance platform Blackbullion and has £800,000 worth of funding available, covering 75 scholarships.

The week comes at a time when record numbers of hard-up students are quitting courses due to our straitened times.

Student Loans Company data shows one in every 37 undergrads left in the year to August.

With the average student debt adding up to £49,887, after combined costs of tuition and accommodation, a scholarship can be the difference between successfully graduating or being forced to drop out.


Firms offering assistance include Nationwide, Chaucer Group, Stack Infrastructure, FTI Consulting and engineering company Accu.

Cassandrah Mgoyo, a law student at Durham University, is the first recipient of a scholarship from insurance firm Chaucer Group.

The 22-year-old from North London said: “After A-levels I went through the excitement of selecting university choices but, due to my circumstances, realised it might not happen as I had no means to attend university.

“After asking at my church and online for advice, I found out about the Chaucer Group scholarship and applied.

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“Chaucer saw some-thing in me worth taking a chance on and offered a full scholarship, and internships for the three years of university. It has changed the course of my life completely.”

Help is also available from Universities UK and, for post-graduate coversion courses in AI and data science, the Office for Students.

One of the world’s best universities is teaching students how to ‘git gud’ at video games
  • Find out more and apply at business.blackbullion.com/national-scholarships-week-2024.


SOCIAL mobility platform Zero Gravity is seeking employer partners to mentor and recruit elite graduates from the bottom 40 per cent of social advantage.

See zerogravity.co.uk/employers.


THE annual Social Mobility Employer Index ranks companies on how they drive change in social mobility.

It is produced by the Social Mobility Foundation, whose CEO, Sarah Atkinson, says: “People from working-class backgrounds are often underestimated but they have masses to offer.”

Chief Executive of the Social Mobility Foundation, Sarah Atkinson


Chief Executive of the Social Mobility Foundation, Sarah AtkinsonCredit: Supplied

Here, she shares her advice on how your firm can help.

  1. Offer work experience beyond friends and family, and cover costs like travel and accommodation. This means people without connections or the money to work for free aren’t locked out.
  2. Make your workplace welcoming to all. People shouldn’t need to hide their background. Culture starts at the top, so senior staff should set the tone and recognise not everyone has had the same opportunities or experiences.
  3. Look for potential. Too many jobs ask for degrees or other qualifications by default, ignoring context or other experience.
  4. Mentoring is key because many people don’t have a ready-made professional network.
  5. Bigger businesses should collect class background data on their workforce. There are well-established questions you can ask. Having the data means you can make changes that are based on evidence and make a real difference.


The EqualEngineers platform has engineering and tech roles from firms keen to increase their workforce diversity, including LGBT+ hires.

See equalengineers.com/ job-openings.


WHEN it comes to getting on in life, every little helps – and Tesco is offering 150 places on its Stronger Starts retail apprenticeship.

The scheme offers young people the opportunity to gain a Level 2 National Standard in Retail – the equivalent of five GCSE passes – as well as experience in all aspects of the retail industry.

Applicants do not need any qualifications or experience.

Tesco chief people officer Emma Taylor said: “Tesco has made a deep commitment to help young people in our communities, especially in those areas where it could be harder for young people to get a strong start in life.”

Register your interest now at tinyurl.com/2xnr2wd2.


GET your career on track with Southeastern, which has become the first rail firm to publish a Social Mobility Action Plan.

The operator will be recruiting for 400 apprenticeships, and 200 further jobs, over the course of the year.

Southeastern has become the first rail firm to publish a Social Mobility Action Plan


Southeastern has become the first rail firm to publish a Social Mobility Action PlanCredit: Supplied

Roles include train drivers, station staff and engineering plus professional positions in accountancy, commercial, data management, HR and sustainability.

People director Steve Foster said: “Whilst we move trains, the company is about our people and customers.


“We have won national awards as great place to work and have Gold Status for Investors in People.

Apply for a role at tinyurl.com/49nbuh6r.

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