Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough

Benjamin Storm Keough, born on 21 October 1992, is an actor best known for being the grandson of The King himself, i.e. Elvis Presley. Benjamin was born in Tampa, Florida USA, and his resemblance to his grandpa has left many in awe. He is a younger brother to his sisters Riley, and twin girls Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron.

Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough  and similarities to Elvis

Having one of the most influential artists ever as your grandfather could be a troublesome burden for most of us, but it seems that Benjamin Keough is dealing pretty well with the pressure. To make things “worse”, Benjamin shares an uncanny resemblance to the late Elvis Presley – as a matter of fact, many people would say that Benjamin Keough and his legendary grandpa are identical. Their baby blue eyes are almost the same, and the looks that Keough directs at today’s ladies seem to have a similar potency to those with which the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll used to sway girls off of their feet back in the day.

Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough Net worth,Wiki Bio
Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough Net worth,Wiki Bio
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Who are Benjamin Keough’s parents?

Benjamins’s parents are Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley, and Danny Keough, a musician with whom she had a 6-year relationship. Four years after the birth of their son, the couple split, however, they remained on good terms, and Danny still spends a lot of time with his son and ex-wife. Lisa Marie had three relatively turbulent marriages after the one with Danny, but their friendship and mutual respect live on. As a matter of fact, his father is helping Benjamin with his first steps through the music scene, and he is living as a guest on their estate as well.

Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis and Priscilla gave birth to a beautiful daughter in 1968, and the beauty of this child would captivate men across the globe when she grew-up. For example, Lisa Marie first married the above-mentioned musician Danny Keough, in 1988, but twenty days after their marriage came to an end she married The King of Pop, no more no less, however, her life with Michael Jackson did not last for long either, divorcing in 1994. Similarly, her third marriage, with actor Nicholas Cage, lasted only 108 days, which was shorter than the duration of divorce proceedings. Lisa Marie married for the fourth time in 2006, to guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood – interestingly, Danny Keough was the best man at this wedding. A year later, Lisa Marie gave birth to her twin girls.  Until 2016, she was an official member and a strong proponent of Scientology.

Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough Net worth,Wiki Bio
Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough Net worth,Wiki Bio

What is Benjamin Keough’s net worth?

It can be challenging to determine the actual net worth of Elvis’ grandson, since Benjamin still lives on the family estate and does not own much property. Also, the young Keough has yet to start his artistic career, but media rumors have been mentioning a possible multi-million contract in the upcoming period. Since he is still getting offers, his net worth is just estimated by authoritative sources at over $1 million, however, his mother Lisa Marie is the sole heir of The King’s fortune, including Graceland, and her worth is estimated at $300 million. Therefore, young Benjamin probably never needs to worry about money, even though some speculation is going around that Lisa Marie has sold 75% of her father’s estate.

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Singing career

Even though Benjamin Keough undoubtedly possesses a certain amount of that rock star swagger which his grandfather had in abundance, it remains to be seen if his singing career will be a success as well. According to some rumors in the media, Universal has made him a $5 million offer for a record deal which would include five albums; Benjamin has partially confirmed the information by saying in public that his upcoming album will have a significantly different style than that of his grandfather. Of course, it would be very hard, if not entirely impossible, to copy Elvis’ stage presence, charisma, and energy, but the young Keough at least has the looks, although it remains to be seen if that will be enough.

One of the main drawbacks of having celebrity parents is that you have no privacy whatsoever, and that is why Benjamin Keough seems to be trying very hard to shield his life from the public eye. In other words, information about him is limited, and he is not present on the modern social media portals, at least not by his real name. He was caught numerous times by the paparazzi on late-night escapades, but the media are silent on any potential love affairs. As far as we could find out, Benjamin Keough is still not married and he does not have a steady girlfriend. He spends a lot of time playing with his dog Donald, which he refers to as his best friend.

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