DESIGNERS have invented a beer belly-shaped glass — so that ale can be savoured in three different ways.

The wonky vessel has a straight back and front, but one side curves in while the other bulges out.

Boffins have invented a wonky beer belly-shaped glass which they claim gives the perfect pint every time


Boffins have invented a wonky beer belly-shaped glass which they claim gives the perfect pint every timeCredit: Nando

It was created for Japanese brewing giant Sapporo by designer Nendo and could soon be seen in Britain.

A spokesman said it is designed to allow beer to be drunk with three different “mouthfeels”, maximising its “refreshment, aroma and richness”.

Starting on a straight side, he said, the beer rolls down the tongue’s middle to the back of the mouth giving “a crisp refreshing finish”.

Rotate to the dipped side and the wide rim fills the mouth with the beer’s ­“mellow, rich aroma and bouquet”.


Drink from the bulbous side, and the alcohol again hits mid-tongue, “giving the intuition to control the amount consumed in a mouthful, ensuring a full appreciation of the rich flavours”.

Last year ale boffins also worked out that beer is better for your gut than trendy health foods.

Research found guzzling booze in moderation was better than abstaining altogether.

It could, in theory, prevent heart disease, improve blood circulation and combat ageing.

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International experts found beer to be rich in a beneficial mix of compounds needed for good gut health – which is believed to improve heart health and immunity.

It was found to be more effective than probiotics when drunk in moderation.

Are you a grey zone drinker? 6 questions determine if you have a problem with alcohol & what to do before it gets worse

Probiotics are foods with live microorganisms with supposed health benefits.

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