WE’VE just discovered a nice little Apple deal online.

On its online store, BT has just reduced the price of the AirPods Pro – and you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else.

BT is offering the best price on Apple's noise-cancelling AirPods Pro


BT is offering the best price on Apple’s noise-cancelling AirPods Pro

UPDATE (23/06): Since this article was published, Amazon has price-matched BT and is offering the AirPods Pro for the same price of £184.

For the last year or so, the cost of Apple’s noise-cancelling earbuds has generally been around the £189 mark, with the odd price drop.

We’re used to Amazon offering the best prices on leading tech such as the AirPods Pro, but right now it’s BT where you can save the most cash.

You can pick them up for £184 and there are no extra delivery costs.

Since they were launched in 2019, Apple’s top-end earbuds have become spectacularly popular.

Unlike the standard AirPods, the Pro version comes with ANC (audio noise cancellation) technology, which helps drown out unwanted background noise.

BT is also offering market prices for the standard 2nd-generation AirPods (£109) and the 3rd-generation AirPods (£154).

You can read our Tech Editor Sean Keach’s Airpods Pro review for an in-depth look at this industry-leading audio devices.


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