BRITS admit to experiencing key moments through the screen of their smartphone – including watching their favourite band, their child being born and the first dance at their best mate’s wedding.

A poll of 2,000 adults found 84 per cent have captured some of life’s most memorable moments on their devices since the smartphone camera revolution.

4 in 10 Brits said they don't even watch back what they've captured


4 in 10 Brits said they don’t even watch back what they’ve capturedCredit: Motorola

However, 28 per cent wish they had lived more in the moment rather than fumbling about on their device.

And, if given the chance, 60 per cent would like to relive these moments again, but in person rather than through their phone.

It was found that on average, they spend more than 20 minutes capturing milestone moments on their phones, taking them away from being in the present.

Although 40 per cent confessed it’s not very often they watch back the content and a further one in 10 rarely or never rewatch the content.

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And despite being guilty of it themselves, 46 per cent said they get frustrated if someone is stood in front of them capturing content on occasions such as a concert or football match.

The research was commissioned by Motorola UK to launch its razr 40 family – inspired by the original early 00s model, as the retro notion of being able to flip shut a device to avoid distraction grows in popularity.

Miles Norman, general manager for the phone brand, said: “Our research shows that people are getting fatigued by over-consumption on their phones and it’s become second nature to grab our devices at big moments.

“It’s important to capture key moments but it’s also important to not live life through a lens and be more present in the moment; it’s about finding the right balance.”

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However, the research shows that 45 per cent are wanting to be more flexible and only check their phone for notifications or take a few snaps and then put their phone away.

And 33 per cent say they are spending less time on their smart phone this year compared to previous years, cutting down their average daily screen time by almost 20 minutes.

A further 44 per cent have said they’ve previously made efforts to reduce their smartphone screentime.

With the biggest driver being they wanted to spend more time in the present (68 per cent), according to the data.

Three in 10 said that the screen break made them feel energised, 16 per cent said they became more productive, while more than half (56 per cent) said they enjoyed their experiences with friends and family because they were more present.

Miles Norman from Motorola UK added: “The research shines a light on the positive benefits of being immersed in the present and our technology can help people find their sweet spot and have a more flexible relationship with their phone.”

Top 20 occasions and moments Brits capture on their smartphone

  1. Spending time in nature/beauty spot
  2. When visiting an iconic landmark
  3. When their pet does something funny
  4. When a loved one is blowing out their birthday candles
  5. When out for a meal taking pictures of the food
  6. When seeing an animal in the wild on holiday
  7. The birth of their child
  8. Their favourite band playing their best song
  9. Kids going off on their first of primary/secondary school
  10. A loved one at the alter at their wedding
  11. Their kids riding a bike for the first time
  12. A loved one’s first dance at their wedding
  13. Their kids racing at their school sports day
  14. Their kids taking their first steps
  15. At the start or end of a sporting event I am attending
  16. A headline artist at a festival
  17. When wandering around a festival
  18. Their kids saying their first words
  19. The football team they support scoring a penalty
  20. Spotting a celebrity in the wild

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