ANDROID owners have been urged to delete three types of apps that will instantly free up space.

Say goodbye to a slow phone for good.

If you still have utility apps on your phone that are now redundant, it's time to delete them


If you still have utility apps on your phone that are now redundant, it’s time to delete themCredit: Getty

Pre-installed bloatware

Many Android phones will arrive in the box with pre-installed apps.

But when these apps are unnecessary or unwanted, they are often referred to as ‘bloatware’ for sponging all of your storage.

Samsung and Xiaomi devices are known to be particularly big culprits for this.

Uninstalling bloatware can be complex, but there are a number of free apps that let you delete them with one click.

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Some pre-installed Android apps cannot be uninstalled because they are are essential to the phone working.

However, much of the bloatware are just alternatives to the Google apps that most people already use, such as Samsung Internet – which is really no match for Google Chrome.

Old utility apps

Utility apps were a lifesaver when they were first introduced.

Remember how impressed we used to be by various torch and recording apps?

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Well, those days are gone.

Android has come a long way since its inception in 2008, including its introduction of built-in utilities.

These five utilities are now built into most Android phones, so if you have separate apps for them, they are unnecessary:

  • Flashlight
  • QR scanner
  • Screen recorder
  • Media player
  • Screen dimmer

QR scanners and screen recorders are also some of the most common apps to be hijacked and mimicked by cyber crooks to invade your phone.

If you still have utility apps on your phone that are now redundant, it’s time to delete them.

Duplicate apps with the same functions

It’s not uncommon for people to have more than one app on their phone that perform the same function.

This includes various web browsers, messengers, note-taking and even photo backup apps.

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Sometimes it makes sense to keep two similar apps.

But other times, there’s no point and it’s wise to let them go for the sake of your storage space.

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