AMAZON Fire Stick owners may soon receive an unwanted change that is sure to annoy everyone.

Subscribers are braced for a controversial new feature to their Amazon TV package.

Amazon Fire Stick has announced a new feature for subscribers


Amazon Fire Stick has announced a new feature for subscribersCredit: Alamy

The streaming platform has announced it will be increasing the amount of adverts displayed on its Fire TV platform.

The move follows a recent announcement that it will be bringing ads to Prime Video next year.

Viewers will have to pay an extra cash per month for the privilege of watching movies and shows without adverts.

According to the insider newsletter Lowpass, Amazon’s profits on ads revenues and advertising services surpass those of subscription fees.


For this, the giant marketplace is now planning to turn its TV and video service into another money-maker.

Amazon’s director of Fire TV advertising, monetisation and engagement Charlotte Maines said that adverts are here to stay and viewers could see more of them in the future.

These will include “context-relevant search ads” – which will be powered by AI.

You could start spotting advertising related to the same content by asking Alexa to find episodes of your favourite show.

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Ms Maines explained: “You can ask Alexa: ‘Play the TV show with the guy who plays the lawyer from ‘Breaking Bad,’

“It’s definitely our highest-impact native ad placement.”

Users will also be able to see larger banner ads at the top of their TVs in the home screens.

Other context-relevant ads will appear wile browsing your Fire TV catalogue.

However, Amazon bosses admitted the move may hit users- but they are monitoring the new feature to avoid a loss of subscribers.

Charlotte added: “If you do not enjoy using your Fire TV, you will stop using it.

“Then I don’t have an opportunity for advertisers, because I don’t have a user.”

It comes as Amazon introduced a brand new feature for Fire TV devices and users might want to check it out.

The new Auto Offload will automatically clear the cache for any app that’s not been used for more than 30 days.

Amazon Fire Stick users can also make the most of the device by downloading some of the best free movie apps.

YouTube, IMDb TV and Plex can give you access more content on a tight budget.

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Meanwhile, a hidden button can unlock new settings and takes 5 seconds to access.

All you have to do is use your Fire TV remote to hold down the Up button and the Rewind button.

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