“Generating leads really comes down to one thing: being human.” So says Terry Rice, a business development consultant and contributor at Entrepreneur. “And by that I mean when you are interacting with people online, don’t just treat them as a potential partner or client — you want to be someone who’s connected to them and cares about them in a genuine way.”

In this week’s episode of 5-Minute Mentor, Terry talks with Lindy Bostrom, founder of Bostrom Graphics, which develops branding for small to medium-sized companies looking to attract more business. Over the course of their conversation, Terry breaks down strategies and tactics for Lindy and any other entrepreneur looking for effective and efficient ways to generate more leads without feeling too pushy or spammy.

  • Attracting leads without feeling like you are bothering people
  • Creating content that attracts users who need your services
  • Marketing through newsletters
  • Using social media to make meaningful connections

Watch the above video to hear Terry’s top tips — all delivered in just five minutes — and try them out to give your lead generation efforts a boost.

This article is from Entrepreneur.com

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