A CLEVER saver has revealed a genius Smarties trick that helps you pocket £166 for next Christmas – and there’s no effort involved.

If saving money isn’t easy for you, especially during the festive period, this hack could come in handy.

The money saving Smarties hack is super simple and could help you out next Christmas


The money saving Smarties hack is super simple and could help you out next ChristmasCredit: Facebook
One Smarties tube filled with £2 coins adds up to a whopping £166


One Smarties tube filled with £2 coins adds up to a whopping £166Credit: Facebook

TikTok user @chantelleef shared her tip on the platform and wrote: “This is your sign to collect Smarties tubes and £2 coins.”

Chantelle revealed how she had filled the packaging to the brim.

When she emptied the money out on her table, she had amassed an impressive £166. 

Many people seemed keen to try the hack, particularly if it meant eating some chocolate at the same time. 

One said: “So we need to spend our money on Smarties first? Sounds like a plan to me.”

Another added: “That’s a good idea.”

A fellow savvy money saver followed the same hack and shared her results on Facebook.

Aimee Dobson posted in the group called Parents United, let’s do this together! Support, Ideas & Inspiration Hub, and said: “Did you or your kids get smarties tubes this Christmas……use to save £2 coins. They fit perfectly and one full tube = £166.

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Parents went wild for the clever trick, which has since been shared over 6.5k times, as it is a practical way to store loose coins as well as save.

“I can’t believe it fits 83 coins! I’ve just emptied one of the kids and handed it to my husband to fill up,” commented one impressed user.

Another wrote: “Just put mine in the recycling will delve in the bin to get it tomorrow, good tip!”

Others called it “brilliant” and “”amazing”, in awe of how much can be quickly saved up with £2 coins.

While Smarties have officially ditched their cylindrical shaped tubes and opted for eco-friendly octagonal cardboard containers, the change can still fit inside.

This comes as another genius saving hack was shared on TikTok.

It’s garnered lots of attention with its simplicity and the potential to stack up £5,000 a year without even noticing.

Content creator Emma explained all you need is some envelopes, which can be found at a post office or Amazon.

Then, write numbers one to hundred on them and shuffle them up out of order.

The method works by picking out two per week at random and putting the amount it says in the envelope.

Emma said: “Today, I got two, £2. Not too bad for today.

“This means, by this time next year I would have saved over £5k.”

However, while many were eager to try the hack, some pointed out it wouldn’t be possible for everyone.

One person commented: “£5000 a year means you’re saving £400 per month. Not many people can do that. This ‘trick’ is only for people who can afford that.”

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Emma agreed, but said she “looked at it as a challenge”, and added: “A challenge should never be easy.”

Smarties changed to an eco-friendly cardboard octagonal tube


Smarties changed to an eco-friendly cardboard octagonal tubeCredit: Alamy

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