WALKERS fans have been left heartbroken after learning the snack brand has quietly discontinued one popular Wotsits flavour.

Shoppers are only just learning Wotsits sizzling steak crisps have been axed from the Walkers range and they are not happy about it.

Shoppers are only just learning Wotsits Sizzling Steak crisps have been axed from the Walkers range


Shoppers are only just learning Wotsits Sizzling Steak crisps have been axed from the Walkers rangeCredit: Asda

The flavoured corn puffs were baked not fried and Walkers claimed each pack was 100 calories or less.

In Asda, you could get a six multipack of the crisps for £2.

One X, formerly known as Twitter, user said: “Are sizzling steak Wotsits now discontinued as well? Can’t find them anywhere anymore,”

The brand responded to the query by saying: “Hi Callum, we’re sorry but sizzling steak Wotsits are no longer part of our range.”

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The sizzling steak Wotsits fan responded with two heartbroken emojis.

The Sun has reached out to Walkers for a comment

The Wotsits have received rave reviews online with many claiming it was their new go-to flavour.

One user said: “Much better than original wotsits, 2 year old loves them!”

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Another said: “Full of flavour great taste.”

“The best flavour Wotsits ever! Can’t beat them!” a third user claimed.

A fourth user declared they were: “Lush, all they need to do now is bring back the prawn cocktail!!”

The move does come as a surprise as the snack giant chose to bring back two iconic flavours in 2020 due to popular demand.

Before January 2020 the sizzling steak Wotsits was known as BBQ beef, while the new flavours were being branded as a return, Walkers told The Sun that both crisps use different seasonings to the original ones.

BBQ beef and flamin’ hot were both pulled from shelves in the early 2000s, much to the dismay of crisp lovers, after Golden Wonder sold the Wotsits brand to Walkers.

And now it looks like the cult classic is gone again but this time for good.

This comes after the snack giant confirmed another popular crisp flavour has been axed from shelves “with no notice”.

The snack maker has told customers that it’s no longer making a favourite Quavers flavour that only returned two years ago.

Although shoppers believe they have found the perfect dupe in Aldi.

And Walkers sparked furry when they confessed they were scrapping the popular Worcester Sauce flavour.

Chocolate has also seen a massive shake-up this year.

Nestle has said that its Caramac bar is discontinued after 60 years.

Caburys quietly scrapped the popular Dairy Milk 30 per cent less sugar bar earlier this year which is no longer available for purchase.

Plus the iconic dark chocolate Topic bar is now missing from shelves.

But it’s not all bad news as some fan favourites have come back.

Quality Street has added its coffee-flavoured sweet to certain tins for the first time in 20 years.

Walkers launched a new festive flavoured snack but they have left people divided.

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This post first appeared on thesun.co.uk

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