Some Challenges Dolly Parton Faced: Dolly Parton Opens Up About Being Bullied and Criticized For Being 'Very Flamboyant And Out There'
Let’s find out ‘What Are Some Challenges Dolly Parton Faced: Was She Bullied’ Dolly Parton, although being a well-liked and recognizable celebrity, has endured bullying and criticism for being her “flamboyant” self.

She gave some advise for people who feel forced to be someone other than who they are, claiming she understands what it’s like to “not be accepted.”

Some Challenges Dolly Parton Faced: Dolly Parton Opens Up About Being Bullied and Criticized For Being 'Very Flamboyant And Out There'
Dolly Parton | Harry Langdon/Getty Images

What Are Some Challenges Dolly Parton Faced: Was She Bullied Because She Was Odd And Very Flamboyant And Out There’

In an interview with Vogue, Parton discussed how making a name for herself had improved her ability to connect with others. She stated that she makes an effort “to find the God light in everyone.” She admitted, “I’ve always been unusual myself. I received a lot of criticism for being so outspoken and colorful. I experienced bullying as a child, so I am familiar with how it feels to be rejected. The renowned musician continued, “[Many] of the gay, lesbian, and transgender persons I deal with are also some of my closest friends. I’ve always had an open mind. Individuals are what they are.

When asked if she feels loved for advocating for LGBTQ rights, she replied, “Absolutely! “You get what you give.”

Dolly Parton Wants Others To Be Themselves, Flamboyant Or Not

Parton offered some words of advise for anyone who finds themselves in a position of not feeling accepted. “The world is difficult enough as it is, so we should at least help other people to be themselves,” she told Vogue. “Regardless of what your parents or others say, you are who you are,” she said. “And that’s exactly how you should be.”

Notably, a young Boy George once described this trait as something they both possessed to Parton’s friend Johnny Carson. Despite what people thought about them, he observed that they both upheld the identities they had built for themselves and inspired others to do the same.

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Dolly Parton Feels Like The World’s On Fire And wonders, How do We Heal This Great Divide?

Parton told Vogue that currently she feels “like the world’s on fire.” She said, “I don’t freak out all that much, but that doesn’t mean I don’t stay in touch!” What will we do when it all burns down, she then questioned? How can we bridge this wide gap? And are we even willing to try? Can’t we go past this and express some love?
Parton believes “we’re on perilous ground” because some people don’t care enough to pay attention to what’s going on around them. “That’s the frightening part,” the “Applejack” singer added. “They’re so engrossed in their own little universe.” That is not a healthy way to live.” “So I just try to be optimistic,” Parton explained. “I aim to put out more decent material, write songs that make people think and pay attention.”
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