DEATH is one of the few certainties in life but there are plenty working out ways to beat it.

There are some scientists who think immortality will be achievable for humans.

Some scientists and futurists think humans will be able to achieve immortality


Some scientists and futurists think humans will be able to achieve immortalityCredit: Getty

It might involve swapping out human bodies for machine versions or it could involve a wonder drug.

The timeline of how we’ll get there is also heavily debated.


One futurist has predicted that humans will become immortal by 2030.

Ray Kurzweil is a computer scientist and former Google engineer who has correctly predicted future technologies in the past.

In his book The Singularity Is Near, the famous futurist suggests we’ll have the technology to help humans live forever by 2030.

He thinks this technology could come in the form of nanobots that can repair the body internally.


Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson previously told The Sun about his own immortality predictons.

He thinks the hard part will be surviving until the technology becomes widely available.

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Back in 2020, Pearson predicted the richest in society could access this tech by 2050.

He said: “By 2050, it will only really be for the rich and famous.

“Most people on middle-class incomes and reasonable working-class incomes can probably afford this in the 2060s. So anyone 90 or under by 2060.

“If you were born sometime in 1970 onwards, that would make you 48 this year.

“So anybody under 50 has got a good chance of it, and anyone under 40 almost definitely will have access to this.”

The tech that could keep us alive could involve android bodies which have humans mind uploading to them, according to the expert.

He also thinks bio-technologies could be used to renew and rejuvinate human bodies in a way that is currently impossible.

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