COMPANIES are known for hiding clever messages in their logos.

Little do some online shoppers realise, Amazon has one too.

Did you see it before now?


Did you see it before now?

You may never look at the Amazon logo the same way again next time you purchase something.

And we’re not talking about the obvious smile.

What about the letters that the arrow is pointing to?

Look again and you’ll see it goes from A to Z – and this is very much deliberate.

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It’s meant to represent the wide variety of stuff you can get from Amazon.

“I was today years old when I realised Amazon’s logo has an arrow going from A-Z,” one user tweeted after noticing the clever trick.

“Just noticed the wee arrow in the Amazon logo points from A-Z,” another said.

Logos are surprisingly important to companies so it’s no wonder they try to hide subliminal messages.

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For example, why does Apple’s iconic logo have a bite in it?

It’s a question that may have plagued Apple fans for years, but thankfully there’s a definitive answer.

The logo is actually inspired by Sir Isaac Newton.

And the first version of the logo that was designed by Apple co-founder Ron Wayne depicted Newton sitting under a tree.

However it was replaced very quickly by the Apple logo we know today, albeit covered in a rainbow pattern.

Importantly, the apple has a bite taken out of it.

Rob Janoff, who designed the logo, said that it was designed with a bite so that it wouldn’t be confused with a cherry.

The rainbow colour scheme was chosen to “humanise” the company, at Apple founder Steve Jobs’ request.

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