GOOGLE is about to make avoiding spam on Gmail much easier for Android owners – after nearly a decade of waiting.

There is little escaping spam these days, but Google is trying to curb the issue with a ‘brand new’ button.

Google is yet to reveal when the update will be ready for download


Google is yet to reveal when the update will be ready for downloadCredit: The SpAndroid

While the button is not new for web or iPhone owners, it is for Android.

Gmail will soon to introduce the Unsubscribe button at the top of emails, so users can opt out of some marketing emails to the Android app.

The Unsubscribe button has been in-action for desktop or iOS users since 2014.

Nearly 10 years later, Android will also be able to enjoy the perk, according to The SpAndroid, which saw the button in a new beta version of the app.


However, this fresher-faced version of Gmail is still in development and yet to roll out to all Android users.

Google is yet to reveal when the update will be ready for download.

But The SpAndroid noted that it is likely to only be compatible with phones running Android 14.

The Unsubscribe button reportedly isn’t the only change coming to the Gmail app for Android users.

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Google is also working on a predictive back navigation feature, Android Authority noted in a separate report.

A new ‘buttons ‘quick compose box’ to replace the Reply, Reply All and Forward buttons is also reportedly being considered.

Can I get Android 14 on my phone?

Android 14 availability really depends on the phone maker and how old your smartphone is.

Generally speaking, the newer your device is the better your chances are of a fast arrival.

Manufacturers can take a while to roll out new versions of Android because they have to adapt it to each handset they have – and there are many out there.

As Google owns Pixel and Android, Pixels are usually pretty speedy at receiving new versions.

Samsung is also pretty fast at rolling it out to their recent phones.

Most companies commit to at least three Android upgrades – so if you’ve had Android 11, Android 12 and Android 13 already, your chances aren’t looking great.

However, each company has its own policy so it’s best to check with them.

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