Melissa Reddy Husband Sadio Mane

Melissa Reddy Husband Sadio Mane, 34-year-old journalist Melissa Reddy is the rumored girlfriend of Bundesliga forward Sadio Mané.

Her potential lover has been in the headlines since his entry into the scene in 2011 as he cemented his place by scoring twice to start the Bundesliga season.

The August game was the perfect start with stats of a league-record 15 goals in their three games, even in the absence of their top striker. 

Melissa Reddy And Sadio Mane’s Relationship

If you listen to the interest whispers, something is brewing between journalist Melissa Reddy and Senegalese professional footballer Sadio Mané, with many speculating them to date. 

As a reporter, her social media gets littered with athletes from all walks of life. One such faithful meeting resulted in an exchange of numbers as sparks flew.

Although the pair has yet to confirm the news, internet citizens are sure they were more than friends. 

The couple is not one to kiss and tell, as both their Instagram handles are devoid of the presence of a lover. You can follow on her handle, melissa_reddy, and be a part of her 128k thousand followers. 

As their jobs are interconnected, she wrote about him on The Independent, dating far back to 2016 when he had a medical and discussed personal terms with Liverpool football club. 

In a more recent post, she sang his praises, revealing that he is a source of hope for his people. In a day and age when most high earners forget about their motherland, he had to stay grounded to his roots to build a school and hospital in Bambali, as it gave him equal satisfaction to win the Champions League medal.

Who Is Melissa Reddy?

Melissa Reddy is an avid Liverpool fan who made a name in the South African football media before joining Sky Sports. 

36-year-old recalled watching John Barnes on TV, refusing to play with her neglected barbies.

Despite not having a single athletic bone in her body, she enjoyed watching the word of the sportsman as she promised to enter the industry professionally. 

She was supposed to be a business intern but switched to sports after getting appropriate feedback from her mentors. 

Besides, her love for the football club stayed as she never had a bad word to say about their ethics. 

It was no surprise when she got linked with Liverpool transferee Mane, as he got paid 34 million euros, making him the most expensive African player in history.

Melissa Reddy and her supposed boyfriend Bayern Munich forward Sadio Mané.
Melissa Reddy and her supposed boyfriend Bayern Munich forward Sadio Mané.( Source : Look-Travels )

His period with the FC was not more than a year, but he made the mark after scoring 13 league goals and getting named PFA Team of the Year.

What Does Melissa Reddy Do?

Melissa Reddy operates as a football journalist for The Independent and a senior reporter for Sky Sports and Sky Sports News.

Her career got set after university when she soared an internship at Summit TV in South Africa. 

By 2007, she had made the big move to Cape town when she began the Head of Football at TEAMtalk Media. She caught the eye of the largest sports publication, KICK OFF Magazine, becoming their deputy editor.

Indeed, she joined Goal in 2015, working with ESPN as a football correspondent. Her writing and onscreen appearances went hand in hand as she began presenting on Sky Sports News and the Premier League Show. Not only that, but she also prevailed under the guidance of The Football Ramble and Second Captains. 

Eventually, she went a solo route after establishing a podcast and her first book, Believe Us: How Jürgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Title Winners.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is Sadio Mane generous?

– Mané made a £250,000 donation to fund a school in Bambali.

Is Mané in a relationship?

– Melissa Reddy is rumored to be his girlfriend of Mane. She is a journalist from South Africa and works for Sky Sports News.

What is Manes’s net worth?

– Sadio Mane’s Net Worth is 25 Million dollars.

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