MARTIN Lewis has issued a warning over a Christmas gift that children love – as it could come back to cost them.

The Money Saving Expert shared his tip in recent days as parents plan festive presents in the coming weeks.

Martin Lewis has offered an urgent warning to parents planning Christmas gifts for youngsters


Martin Lewis has offered an urgent warning to parents planning Christmas gifts for youngstersCredit: Rex

He said while cash can seem like an easy gift that youngsters are bound to love, it could get taxed – and cost families more.

Martin said that’s particularly an issue if the present comes from parents or step-parents.

The expert said: “What’s the tax situation with children? They pay tax, just like adults. But most children don’t earn any money.”

He said much like adults, kids can earn a minimum of £12,500 a year before it’s taxed.

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Martin continued: “In fact, once you add in the personal savings rate and the starting savings it’s more like £18,000 per year, that’s before paying tax on it, which would be a hell of a lot of money.

“The difference though, is that if it is a gift from parents or step-parents (not grandparents, not aunties, not uncles), and interest over £100 a year is created then that is taxable at the parents’ savings tax rate.

“So if parents pay tax on savings, which a couple of years ago I said no one would because you needed so much to earn £1,000 interest a year that a basic rate taxpayer can earn tax-free, but now with interest rates being higher, many more parents are being taxed on savings.

“If you’re being taxed on savings and you’re giving money to your kids, that’s when a Junior ISA really pays off, because it protects them from paying tax at your savings rate.”

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