Masie Smith death cause

Maisie Smith death cause, she is an English actress and singer who seems to be a victim of fake news as there are rumors of her being dead.

The East Ender actress is alive and well, with meme pages making absurd headlines under her name. 

Some sources have also claimed to confirm the news and commented the cause of death was lateral sclerosis while misstating her gender. 

We are unsure where they got the information as they call her to be a Ukrainian general with expertise in the military since the 90s.

In reality, she was born in the 2000s, as we can only imagine the reports to be bogus. 

Quick Info:

Full NameMaisie Louise Collender Smith
Age21 years old
BoyfriendMax George

Maisie Smith Death Cause – What Happened To Her?

Fans breathed a sigh of relief after figuring out that Maisie Smith’s death news was untrue. But that does not mean the actress has had it easy. 

Indeed, she admitted in a recent interview that she shared the same mental struggle as her 18-year-old character from East Enders. The teenager won the hearts of its viewers as a young yet loveable individual with insecurities of her own.

Being a child actress came with its repercussions because of the absurd emphasis on the outer body during the ages of awkward growth and acne. 

At 13, she began her battles with body dysmorphia, wanting to be thinner on screen.

In 2020, she came clean with her struggles, writing a beautiful song with the melodies and tunes of a guitar, telling them they were not alone in the battle waged by their bodies. The lyrics told her story about when she used to hold her stomach and worry about her flaws. The condition still rained havoc in her mind as her things got worse in isolation.

But she has taken a step for the better, choosing to exercise rather than starve to get the desired ideal body. Earlier this year, she showed off her toned stomach, giving her fellow victims a motivation to turn their life around. 

Maisie Smith to star in Channel 4 show after leaving BBC's Eastenders
Maisie Smith to star in Channel 4 show after leaving BBC’s Eastenders ( Source : newsshopper )

Maisie Smith Age- Was She A Child Actress?

Child actress Maisie Smith was born on 9 July 2001 in Westcliff, Essex, making her 21 years old.

She grew up under the care of her mother, Julia, and her father, Stephen, as she also has a sister named Scarlett. As a child, her knowledge of the big screen was apparent as she enrolled in Singer Stage School in Leigh-on-Sea. The following year, she caught the eyes of the makes of The Other Boleyn Girl, getting cast as a young Elizabeth I when she was just five. 

When she turned six, her life changed for the better when she got cast as Tiffany Dean in the BBC show EastEnders.

Although there was a backlash regarding her age, her mum came to her defense, saying it was not even acting for the little lady. 

Indeed, her true personality was similar to that of her character but just an exaggeration on the showrunners’ part. She insisted her daughter was made for TV as she did not get starstruck by her peers and reminded true to her old self. Her confidence was uncommon for her age, as the casting director would have a tough time finding a better fit for the role.

Meanwhile, her father noted how people had begun to recognize her as their little girl had become an overnight sensation.

Besides, her mom shared her love on stage, working as an extra on the same series for years. Even after the kid cut her ties with the soap opera, she continued to film as she was not ready to part ways. 

Paparazzi have seen her acting behind the protagonist as she is happy being on television.

Moreover, her studies did not suffer when she continued to attend the  South Essex College, where she studied musical theatre.

Does East Enders Actress Maisie Smith Have A Husband?

British lady Maisie Smith has not tied the knot, but she is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Max George.

Her boos is one of the singers of the British band, The Wanted, as things seem to be looking up for her. They met during their time in the Strictly, but he was already committed to his ex Stacey Giggs.

Their attraction became undeniable as he quickly broke things to jet off to Crete, Greece, with his new flame. Eyewitnesses at the plane could not turn a blind eye to their PDA as they seemed very much in love. 

Meanwhile, Giggs was not too happy with the state, opting to air out their dirty laundry and calling him a cheater. He said she was a nice person, and there was nothing romantic going on as he went on to have an affair.

The 21-year-old did not take likely to the remarks, as she showed off their coupling on Instagram, with Max commenting with a heart. They were going faster than the speed of light as she seemed to have moved out of her family home to share residences with him. 

He proved his devotion and inked a tattoo in her honor. 

Max George 'smitten' with EastEnders' Maisie Smith as his ex is 'shocked but not surprised'
Max George ‘smitten’ with EastEnders’ Maisie Smith as his ex is ‘shocked but not surprised’ ( Source : dailyrecord )

How Much Is Maisie Smith Worth 2022?

As of 2022, the net worth of British actress Maisie Smith is not less than three million dollars.

Although she is at the ripe age of 21, when most young adults begin their careers, she has chosen to retire since she began acting at six. The film set became her playing ground as she thrived under the love of her castmates.

In 2010, she read a story at CITV’s Bookaboo and got interviewed by Stage magazine about her early success. 

She enjoyed getting filmed but chose to have a detour in her career by going into music through her first single, Good Thing. Her musical endovenous continued to make big bucks as her YouTube channel grew. 

In 2020, she joined the cast of Strictly Come Dancing for its eighteenth soon as she partnered with Gorka Márquez, winning second place. 


Does Maisie Smith have TikTok?

  • Maisie Smith (@maisielousmith) Official TikTok.

Where is Maisie Smith now?

  • Maisie Smith embarks on a theatre career with a new musical role after quitting EastEnders to crack America. The 20-year-old actress has embarked on a career in musical theatre, taking on the new role as the leading lady for Strictly Ballroom: The Tour.

How old is Maisie Smith?

  • Maisie Smith is 21 years (July 9, 2001).

What films has Maisie Smith been in?

  •  Smith has been in The Other Boleyn Girl 2008, EastEnders: Last Tango in Walford, and The Best of EastEnders.
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