A MARTIN Lewis fan has revealed how they slashed their bills by a whopping £660 with one simple check

Millions of people could be overpaying on household bills and now is the best time to check.

Martin Lewis is urging people to act now if you want to save some cash on your household bills


Martin Lewis is urging people to act now if you want to save some cash on your household bills

The MSE founder is urging people to check how much they are paying for their mobile and broadband bills.

In the most recent MSE newsletter, Martin said that “millions of homes have just had a kick in the teeth”.

Referring to broadband and mobile providers increasing bills above inflation at the start of April.

He added: “Yet that does mean this is a great time to check if you’re overpaying, as comparing now is a completely level playing field.”

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The money-saving expert then went on to say that one fan had tweeted him about savings of £660 in a year.

An account named TSBear wrote: “I managed to get my phone bill down from £52/month to Sim-only for £9. Plus my fibre broadband from £32/month to £20.”

It’s a no brainer!

Martin Lewis

Martin called it a “no-brainer” move for millions of people who are out of contract with their current provider and therefore free to switch to a better deal.

If you are still in contract and want to switch to a cheaper deal with another provider it might not be as straightforward – so do check.

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Some companies can charge hefty exit fees that could turn out to be more than the savings you could potentially make.

Also, make sure when you are switching that you choose a deal that best suits your needs as well as being cheaper.

For instance, you might find a cheaper deal, but it could have less data or other terms and conditions attached that do not suit you, so be sure to read the small print.

How to slash your mobile phone bill

Martin and the MSE team shared three “speedy steps” you can take if you want to slash your mobile phone bill.

MSE’ speedy steps to slashing your mobile bill

If you think you might be overpaying your mobile bill just a simple check could save you ££

  • Check if you are out of contract by texting ‘INFO’ to 85075 – this is an Ofcom scheme that ensures firms tell you if you are out of contract.
  • Out of contract and paying over £8 a month – you can switch to a sim only deal with 100GB of data with iD mobile.
  • If you do not want to switch because you want to keep your signal – check which smaller networks “piggyback” off your provider.
  • If you are reluctant to switch because you want to keep your number – no problem – text ‘PAC’ to 65075 where you will get a “Porting Authorisation Code’ to give to your new provider.

You can use price comparison sites to look for the best deal as well as the “Cheap sim finder” section on the MSE website, you can also use companies such as Uswitch and Confused.com.

Another savvy Martin Lewis fan saved over £252 a year when he switched his mobile phone provider.

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Nigel said: “I texted EE as you recently suggested. I discovered I’d been out of contract for nearly 3 years, paying over £27/month for 20GB of data.

“I just took out a new 12-month contract for 12GB data for £6/month, saving me a whopping £21+/month (over £252/year).”

How to save money on your broadband

The MSE team says that if you are paying over £30 a month for your broadband then you should “stop it”.

Unless you need a superspeed broadband connection, you shouldn’t really be paying more than £30 a month.

MSE fan Mikey switched his broadband and saved £576 a year.

He tweeted: “I’ve just saved £576 from switching my broadband. Thank you so much.”

According to the experts at MSE, the best deals are switching promos found via comparison sites.

At the moment Virgin Media has the cheapest fast 132Mb broadband for £20.95 a month if you sign up for an 18-month contract.

Vodaphone also has a deal on a 67Mb fibre and line package for £21.84 a month, and this is for a 24-month contract.

If you are on Universal Credit or other benefits you could sign up to a social tariff which can cost as little as £12.50 a month for 15Mb broadband.

If you are happy with your provider and want to get a better deal with them, there is no harm in asking.

There are things that you can do to stand a better chance of succeeding when trying to haggle down your current supplier.


To stand the best chance of success you need to be firm, come prepared, and also do it at the right time.

Here are some top tips on haggling from the MSE team.

MSE’ top tips on how to haggle

The best time to haggle for a better price with your current provider is when you are out of contract or just about to be – here are some top tips

  • Make sure you know what the competition is offering so you know what to ask for – and be armed with the information.
  • Call them up and be polite – explain that you would really like to stay but the service is too expensive.
  • If you are not being offered what you would like ask to be put through to disconnections – this is sometimes where you can get the bigger discounts offered
  • Don’t panic – if you are offered to be disconnected but do not want that straight away just tell them you will call back and try again another day
  • If you are not getting anywhere – vote with your feet

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